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In the interest of furthering discussion and debate Dr Pierre Kory has very kindly offered to respond to this article via his substack.

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Hi Martin Neil, Jonathan Engler, and Jessica Hockett,

This is the best article on the issue I've read so far. It seems pretty obvious to me that this has been a clear case of Mass psychogenic illness, for the most part.

Point 1) The presence or absence of molecular signatures that may or may not be associated with a disease course is a natural phenomena that is present all the time and it can also be enhanced via contamination due to massive production of tests among other reasons. Such molecular noise is sufficiently persistent throughout the ecosystem and it is permanently modulated by the natural movement of genomic information within the biosphere from the macro to the micro level. Irresponsible measurements of such molecular patterns can very easily be misinterpreted as "outbreaks", if they are performed routinely regardless of their clinical significance.

Point 2) From BMJ Best Practice (Differential Diagnosis for COVID-19) https://bestpractice.bmj.com/topics/en-us/3000168/differentials

"Differentiating COVID-19 from community-acquired bacterial pneumonia is not usually possible from signs and symptoms."

"Differentiating COVID-19 from community-acquired respiratory tract infections is not possible from signs and symptoms."

"COVID-19 should be considered a differential diagnosis for many conditions. The differential is very broad and includes many common respiratory, infectious, cardiovascular, oncologic, and gastrointestinal diseases."

That is to say, there is NO NOBEL disease called COVID-19. It is a broad term that includes all and everything that has been correlated with a positive molecular test, regardless of causation. Thus, a clear case of Mass Psychogenic Illness.

Point 3) It still is true however, that very localized excess mortality peaks were observed for a brief period of time in places like Lombardy, Madrid, New York... In my estimation, these peaks cannot be explained by a change in health care protocols alone, including the panic, the lockdowns, mask usage within the cohort of the population with chronic respiratory illness and/or cardiomyopathies, abuse of the elderly and vulnerable population... It seems to be that some toxin (maybe a biological agent) may have been deployed (knowingly or unknowingly) to spark the fear that was needed for the Mass Psychogenic Illness event to take place.

[NOTE: It seems almost obvious to me, that a biological agent cannot spread beyond the second to third layer of direct exposure to the agent due to its nature, it is just a biological structure that remains outside of the normal equilibrium of the ecosystem. Regardless of the properties that it may have in cell culture, or even in live experiments, it will only have a limited effect in space and time and its effects will only be able to be recurrent via a multi-focal release of the agent in different locations at different times. A bullet does not perpetuate itself ad infinitum. Nonetheless it may be able to contaminate related biological pathways and molecular patterns within the ecosystem, even if the signal has no clinical significance at the moment of measurement.]

Point 4) I've personally heard many stories of something abnormal happening in given regions of Madrid, as well as some other very localized regions in Spain. Not even the whole city of Madrid was affected, only just some areas, and it lasted for a very brief period, maybe a month, month and a half. Even Mainstream doctors were saying that on TV for a couple of weeks in 2020. They soon had to stop saying it, of course.

Point 5) It never "spread" to Germany. That was my Red Alert & Wake Up moment. For me the "pandemic" lasted only a couple of weeks. As soon as I saw that it doesn't spread as it should, I had to accept the reality of the event.

It became very easy to know when every and all politicians and public figures in the western world started to use the same propaganda lines: "The New Normal", "We Are on This Together", "Nobody Is Safe Until Everybody is Safe", "Build Back Better"... It all sounded like communist propaganda from The Great Leap Forward. Even at the very beginning some public figures started to say how this whole Lockdown Experiment was a great example on how to address climate change. At the same time many politicians where partying around during the lockdowns, not very worried about any contagion. The only reason why most people didn't see this propaganda is because of Mass Psychogenic Illness. That is the only thing that has been spreading in an abnormal way.

PS: I saved this comment on my substack due to the importance of this topic https://agustinsanchezcobos.substack.com/p/covid-19-a-novel-illness?publication_id=921282&post_id=139987273&triggerShare=true&isFreemail=false&r=155zhs&utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

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Re “Many/most covid-19 cases would have been ‘ordinary’ influenza and bacterial pneumonia cases.”

What exactly is ‘ordinary’ influenza?

Can you ‘catch’ ‘ordinary’ influenza and bacterial pneumonia from other people? Do these diseases spread in populations?


Are ‘ordinary’ influenza and bacterial pneumonia vaccine preventable diseases?

If ‘ordinary’ influenza and bacterial pneumonia are not a serious threat to most people, why have mass population vaccination schemes been imposed?

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Great feature on competing theories.

However, to my experience one thing is clear and very unique .

The pathophysiology of SarsCoV2 is vast.

In essence it presented and indeed killed in a multitude of ways not seen ever before.

I believe it was likely Dr. Paul Mark that actually said this first .

If this is true , then it follows there was a new unique (spike) pathogen albeit for normal healthy people nothing to worry about given the now hindsight of a very low mortality limited to very elderly and those with comorbitities.

But what perhaps is missed and must be emphasized is that patients treated with Remdesivir were murdered deliberately.

This drug supposedly ab antiviral even if it was effective *(it is not and causes kidney failure thus accelerating any pneumonia ) would only be effective if given at the very outset of symptoms such as day 1 - 3 .

Instead giving it to patients driving at hospital on day 5 - 10 is criminal and essentially murder ESPECIALLY given that well known therapies like ivermectin and hydroxcloroquine were literally BANNED in hospitals in the USA, UK, CANADA etc.

Then add the extremely TOXIC LNP deathvax , *there are now 3400 science studies in the National Library of Health (pubmed NIH) showing vaccine harm.

As per the quote from Dr. Peter McCullough, that is not coincidence, but rather causation .

What makes me so so sad and angry is that the greatest and bravest doctors such as Marik, Kory, Stone, McCullough and many others are TRUE HEROS and yet literally amongst doctors that stood by, said nothing and literally aidded the suffering to die by their failure and silence to speak out .

Again that you Dr. Kory and Dr. Stone for sharing your learned and most capable views . You are heros.

Again ab extremely well written expose.


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This is excellent, thank you.

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The studious review presented here is quite valuable. It reinforces the general impression that very little of what has been labeled and accepted as ‘Covid-19’ was rooted in concrete diagnosis criteria or truly indicative test protocols.

And yet, the litany, which in effect amounts to a detailed mythology, has been widely propagated and is incredibly persistent in the minds of both ‘experts’ and lay people alike. This aspect shares much in common with propaganda campaigns, where thought-seeds planted early in a crisis become nearly indelible (and unquestionable) through simple repetition. They become, very nearly, matters of faith.

The results can be diverse. Well-intentioned individuals can erroneously perceive circumstances through this crisis lens. The malicious can also bend these circumstances to their benefit, just as others who are less critically-inclined may reflexively trust messages designed to take advantage of a perceived crisis. The ‘heroic’ in these times of crisis can be both unwilling and unable to view the past with a neutral lens. There can even be unspoken incentives at play. The same is true for those that found comfort in the work of the heroic.

It seems coming to grips with the revelation of what transpired will continue to be painful all around.

Keep going.

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Mssrs Neil, Engler & Hockett Not good but excellent sleuthing. Two points:

1. It's an aerosolized viral pathogen. and due to viable size of virions, the N95 is non mitigating. Outside of hazmat level mitigation, masking can NEVER WORK.

2. The CT "pattern" of OP does not establish OP. Lacking confimed tissue samples, CT observation is subject to misinterpretation. OP IS SECONDARY to a lung injury infection, the insult and INFECTION occurs PRIMARY. The vast majority of decedents were elderly and/or with multiple commorbidites (avg SIX). Thus, mandated protocols diverting from over 60 years of tried and true prophylaxis were INTENTIONAL iatrocide.

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I’m a retired GP and my husband is a commercial airline pilot. We’re in our mid 50s. In late November 2019 my husband was away for 5 days in an airport hotel (where many aircrew from all over, including China, also stay) and his friend had a viral illness and ( one evening in the bar) commented that he couldn’t taste his pint of beer at all. My husband came home saying he thought he might be getting man-flu and not being a doctor his memory of symptoms for this episode is vague. Our youngest teenager then caught the man-flu and both of them were listless with temperatures and coughs. I swanned around saying I was fine for a week, until suddenly 6pm one day I had a high temperature and headache and felt weird. My symptoms over the next few days were unlike anything I’ve ever had before and also unlike anything I could ever think of a patient describing to me. I was only able to move at the speed of a sloth, and the order in time of various symptoms and their rapidity of onset was confusing and when I felt like I had shards of glass in my chest when coughing I wondered if I was having multiple small pulmonary emboli. I was really scared at one point and thought should I go and see my GP. Then I thought ‘what would you say to someone like me presenting with this? You’d say, “it’s a virus, go home and wait it out”’! It lasted for a good couple of weeks ( and we both had altered taste and smell) and then we kind of relapsed with a milder version 2 weeks later and felt unable to do my usual exercise classes for a couple of months. When Covid started in March 2020 and I finally found people describing the symptoms I was convinced that we’d had it. Convalescent plasma donated in May by my husband confirmed antibodies but not high enough to be useful. We’ve only been ill since with the first omicron in December 2021 with more ‘ normal’ viral symptoms and altered taste and smell.

My point is that doctors are trained to recognise patterns, and clusters of signs and symptoms; nothing will convince me we didn’t have something ‘novel’/unusual in 2019 and I believe Pierre Kory and his associates that they recognised a new disease pattern.

I don’t doubt that some cases can be explained by misdiagnosis/faulty use of PCR/ possible toxic exposures etc and that certain powers that be could have been actively encouraging this to make things seem scarier in order to justify their control of us.

I do think that there was a new virus ( I’m convinced it came out of a lab but cannot say I’m certain it was deliberately released although that’s the way I’d like to lean considering everything else) and it has caused a new disease which has a lot of overlap with prior diseases. I guess it started circulating in late 2019 but I’d be open to suggestions it was released earlier and just took time to build up around the world. I do not believe that so many cases in disparate places came about from a start date of January 2020 in Wuhan as they’d have us believe.

Also, the vaccine injuries are very similar to the disease processes which goes along with a spikeopathy unifying theory. Although plenty of other vaccine injuries can be explained by other mechanisms too.

I don’t think you need to be so determined to prove there was no new virus ( manmade or otherwise) in order to prove that mismanagement and bias have created an illusion of a pandemic. I personally believe that if nobody had said anythIng then doctors around the world would have eventually noticed a new viral illness and worked out a different treatment approach for it, and mortality would have been as expected ( but with a slant for older being more susceptible). Besides, what exactly have they been sequencing all these last few years if not a new entity which is similar to ones we’ve previously had and so we have cross immunity to?

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It's amazing for me to bear witness to the rapid decline of overall health in the US (it's the same in most Western countries) in the last twenty years which is caused by a constellation of factors such as but not limited to; ageing population (many in living in squalid institutional settings), increased poverty, increased BMI, horrendous diet, sedentary liefestyle, more time indoors breathing toxic indoor air, addiction to electronic stimuli-EMF poisoning- cortisol roller-coasters, opiod addiction, massive uptake in pharmaceuticals, increased metals in the atmosphere, deteriorating water quality, mineral depletion of soil, massive increase in vaccination schedule (including increase in highly reactogenic combination vaccines), social anomie and on and on- add another couple of dozen items to the list.

Add one of the most cataclysmic events of non-stop public hysteria and social discolation in the history of the world into that mix with an already psychotic and biologically fragile population what in the world do you think is going to happen?

It would literally be a miracle of biology, in fact I'd say a biological impossibility given all of the above, if people weren't getting sick in droves and dying in ways doctors "hadn't seen before."

And here we are talking about some alleged invisible submicroscopic microbe supposedly floating through the air making everyone sick? This would laughable and make for a good cartoon if it weren't so serious.

Such a discussion, particularly coming from physicians, is also absolute madness and should be kicked to the curb as fast as possible (as in yesterday) so that we can discuss the real problems that are causing these breakdowns.

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The examination of the clinical and anatomic pathology of severe or fatal respiratory illnesses of 2020 is intriguing to me. My scope of practice was restricted to the ambulatory sphere after 2016 because I declined mandatory flu shot injections at the hospital where I previously did acute patient care in all in-pt areas. During and after 2020, the "people were dying" mantra was often heard as an unassailable proof that a novel pandemic pathogen was extant. This article reviewing the pertinent clinical experiences of these prominent intensivists helps me to understand the behavior of a certain severity of a certain illness in certain patients. It doesn't resolve the question of etiology or novelty as you have noted. And if the etiology is thought to be an infectious pathogen, it doesn't resolve the question of its' provenance whether natural or engineered . The answers to these questions seem to elude the most powerful technological tools and the most experienced specialists in medicine. I remain persuaded that everything done at the government or political level during the alleged pandemic was either inadvertently or deliberately harmful. Notwithstanding the valid and informative tales from the crypts of NYC ICUs I trust that continued investigation along the lines of the authors will more likely lead to better patient outcomes. Of equal importance to me is the quest for political justice for the harms inflicted at scale during a pandemic of politicians taking charge of a crisis for which they had zero competence to handle. Thanks for your work.

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The parallel with the party drug suspected of causing hiv-like symptoms back in the 70s/80s is interesting considering the person at the scene of both ‘crimes’.

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Outstanding. You can throw weaponized anthrax in with the localized vape poisoning to get a few “outbreak clusters”.

Kory is the hero if he is fighting Covid. If most illnesses were fear faulty testing and flu mixed with intentional localized area poisoning, then his personal narrative is still noteworthy but in ways he doesn’t realize.

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A very useful insight. Remember that spike seems to be mildly thrombogenic as we have seen with the vaccine rollouts (whether by viral vector or mRNA)... but the dose of spike in a viraemia (from viral infection) would be very low. The mechanisms of death related to COVID appeared to be pneumonia related or thrombogenic with the latter being a minority, I don't remember any other mechanism talked about until 2021...

From the perspective of the type of pneumonia my impression is that Pierre Kory favours the diagnosis of organising pneumonia (generally sterile) and the literature is now talking about a 60% rate of secondary bacterial pneumonia. One is treated by steroids and the other by antibiotics. For a case ending up on ICU it is generally too late to get a rapid response from antibiotics because much of the lung damage is done, hence why we always treated early in the community for those at risk. Atypical pneumonia can encompass all these, and unless you are testing for all organisms you will not find them. Atypical pneumonias are generally treated in the community empirically to avoid ending up in hospital, but we abandoned that approach during "COVID".

So, if you wanted to hit the population with a biological weapon that would masquerade as a virus (for which the doctors would be told not to treat with antibiotics) all you would have to do is include the viral genome into an atypical bacterial vector (e.g. legionella, rickettsia), tell the medical establishment to look for the viral sequence by PCR and stop using antibiotics that cover the vector (invariably azithromycin or doxycycline) "because antibiotics don't work for viruses 🙄". What the medical establishment mustn't be allowed to do under these circumstances is a PCR panel for atypical pneumonia organisms as that would give the game away.


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The VALI angle is most interesting. Your article reminded me of something I’d forgotten about reading in 2020: speculation that “Covid” damage was really damage from vaping.

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Wonder if anyone inspected ingredients of the annual trivalent flu shots, which changed in 2019; and the relatively new pneumonia shots, out for the past 6 or 7 years. Is it possible taking these shots already suppressed immune systems in the elderly making them way more susceptible to any new infection? Seems many failed to fight off the flu or whatever this thing was. Just asking if anyone noticed the creep of shots into an aging population "to protect the elderly", now starting around age 55 or 60. So-called health care by shooting more toxins into bodies already loaded with accumulated toxins at an ever increasing rate, may be an underlying condition. A toxic terrain sets up victims for any incoming insults? Oh, please don't notice addl profits being made from this ongoing protection racket.

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What a comprehensive review and analysis. It does seem ( ref Hallett Inquiry) that 'they' want the virus named SARS-COV-2 to be 'novel' with particular ( 'bespoke') features because it drove all the excessive interference by government in people's lives, all the social and economic upheaval, the mass roll out of injections termed 'vaccines'. Life could not be turned 'upside down' (with all the collateral damage) on the back of 'flu....could it? After all Fauci had said (in a group meeting prior to the 'pandemic'), that people weren't sufficiently scared of 'flu.

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