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Every part of the system is rotten.

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Awesome. Even though they dismissed you, the actual results vindicate you. Bravo

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I was dismayed and deeply unsettled by Israel's aggressive and extremely coercive Covid vaccination policy right from the word go. Israel, of all places! How could that happen? It now seems clear that the Israeli government signed a contract with Pfizer essentially allowing Pfizer to trial their experimental product upon the entire Israeli population, with no safety monitoring in place and zero liability granted to Pfizer for any resultant harms.

"Philip Dormitzer, the chief scientific officer at Pfizer, made the comments to a Zoom gathering of academics last week. They were first reported by Channel 12 news on Friday night."

“Early in the pandemic we established a relationship with the Israeli Ministry of Health where they used exclusively the Pfizer vaccine and then monitored it very closely,” Dormitzer told the gathering, “so we had a sort of laboratory where we could see the effect.”

This just blows my mind. Given that Israel was one of the first countries to introduce a Covid vaccine passport and given that the unvaccinated were, as a result, effectively shut out of society, we can safely assume that Israeli Jews were forced to take part in a medical experiment which Pfizer and the government knew was dangerous and risky and where adverse events were deliberately not monitored. 8 million people - almost all Jews - had their human rights comprehensively violated by their OWN government; the Nuremberg Code, born out of the horror of the Nazi Holocaust and the horrific experiments performed upon Jews and other 'undesirables' held against their will in the concentration camps, was not just ignored, it was comprehensively trashed, shredded and thrown in the bin, where it was burnt to a cinder just for good measure!

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I've watched a couple of state videos, ca. 2021, featuring SA-P and her young male sidekick. At one point sidekick lightheartedly suggests to use family holiday gatherings to put pressure on that "crazy old uncle" in every family, who is still not vaccinated. Old SA-P, the dragon lady, bristles and says something along the lines of, "I assure you, all the uncles in MY family are VACCINATED". So I suppose, Norman Fenton, that a reply will not be forthcoming :)

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Thank you in the name of the Israeli people for that excellent summary.

My only correction is the speculation that the "video of PM Benjamin Netanyahu making exactly this boast (and more about collection and use of people’s DNA) may well be a deep fake."

Unfortunately, it's authentic.

I did some digging, and I found the source: an interview in early Dec. 2022 with Jordan Peterson hosting for Daily Wire. I matched the background, camera angle and Bibi's clothing. The symbol in the lower right of your excerpt is the Daily Wire logo which is also in the video I found.

It's on YouTube as "Does Israel have the right to exist? | PM-Elect Benjamin Netanyahu | EP 311".

But it seems the excerpt is part of an extended interview behind the paywall of Daily Wire Plus, and it came up a good while later (same background, angle and clothing -- only the daylight outside the window had turned dark).

I assume that another Israeli jab protester, Ilana Rachel Daniel, who made it public on her Telegram channel, is a paying DW subscriber. It's identical to the clip you found:


Like her, I was horrified at what our PM said with such obvious pride.

And it's not enough that we were 'volunteered' personally by him to be the "lab" for Pfizer's jab to "find out what does it do" to human guinea pigs. Going forward, our jab injuries -- coupled with our medical history AND our genetic data -- will be available for pharma companies to access at will.

And no Israeli media outlets will touch this story. Only the brave Israelis at PECC are speaking out. They are the whistleblowers behind "Israeleak".


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I've been following Israel's vaccination campaign through the eyes of Dr Ah Kahn Syed. It looks like Klaus Schwab is merely continuing his father's work that he started in the camps. The Lancet clearly cannot be trusted.

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Thank you for this post.

Mind bending that this wickedness could have happened in Israel of all places.

Given the not so distant Holocaust. What an evil disgrace in the memory of those who perished in all of those camps.

The Israeli Government are now proven to be EVIL.

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Have you sent this to the Lancet editor? A failure to do their job.

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Elements in Israeli and US govt.s co operated in this scam on behalf of their paymasters. See this article about the so called trials and how it was the military running things rather than just the health dept. This is a global shift in power and we are living through something that has been planned for some time but most of us were not aware! The scamdemic is just a part of it. https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/i-was-interviewed-by-clayton-morris

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Total Corrupted and convoluted medical system, corrupted by private money like Gates and Pharma's money. If it's not going to Lobbyists to buy more government it's going to Dr's that are so corrupt they will say and do anything for more money, promises of position or shares. Every single one of them a Venal Scumbag. Then the average Dr reads this infected tripe called studies or Official Information and advises unsuspecting patients who think they are getting good and honest advise. We can no longer trust the word of most Dr's, the last three years have proven that!

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Can they not read? “. . . she (SA-P) signed a contract not to release information detrimental to Pfizer's product without their permission.” The Lancet deserves all derision heaped thereupon. This brings to question all studies published in the Lancet, whether merited or not.

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When the people of Israel became an experiment, I was very concerned for them. I knew they weren't getting informed consent, and I thought it was totally unfair that they had to show the world that even the claimed absolute efficacy of less than 1% didn't last long. This should have happened in a clinical trial, not on the Israeli people. Informed consent includes unknown long-term effects and known short-term effects, which were showing up in Pfizer's studies.

Thanks Dr Fenton for the way you are able to explain complex statistics in simple terms. Your choice to just point out two of the study flaws to the lancet also reflects this skill. 🙏❤️. I wish more people knew the true validity of a lot of these studies.

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Thanks for what you both have been doing in the last months to highlight facts and discrepancies.

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Are these people completely deluded or just abject liars?

Happy New Year. I hope you are not one of the many Americans whose loved ones died suddenly in 2021 and 2022 and won't experience that tragedy in 2023 even though the numbers continue to be consistent. BTW, you were right. I have to go to the doctor because I'm experiencing chest pains. Until the next time, best wishes.

The Lancet

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so ironic that a population which was experimented on would, years later, have their leader offer them up without their consent as experimental subjects

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A very important article, but for the many who have limited concentration I would add a summary at the start.

* The world relied on a leading Israeli study in the Lancet which confirmed Pfizer vaccine efficiency, but the lead author lied about her conflict of interest - in which she signed a contract not to release information detrimenting Pfizer's product without their permission.

* Israel couldn't have honestly confirmed vaccine safety at that time since they had no functioning safety system.

Many thanks!

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