Thanks for sharing these insights, Prof. Fenton.

Regarding your mention of early focus groups/advisory panels, I can't image sitting in there with the globalist apparatchiks, who were cheerleading for more and longer and stricter lockdowns. It would have made my skin crawl and, for what it's worth, you have my condolences for having gone through it.


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Hearing the truth is so refreshing, the ultimate antidote to the psychological brainwashing we have all had to endure. Good karma to you all. Also the prof has the most soothing voice since Monty Don. If we could have a podcast of Monty interviewing Norman it would be like being back in the womb!

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Very interesting talk. Just on people catching covid disproportionately after vaccination I believe it is due to white blood cells going down for a few weeks after vaccination. Essentially you should isolate for 2 weeks. The white blood cells decreases are noted in Pfizer documents but it was never pointed out to the public, the only person who mentioned this was Gert Vanden Bossche.

On the data manipulation, in Australia NSW has been caught out deleting it. It feels like the fix was in across numerous countries, surely it can’t be explained away by just idiotic bureaucratic practices..

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As Dr Malik points out quite rightly Prof, you are an inspiration and a leading light for many. Long may you shine on - even in retirement!

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Wow! This is a great summary of the Covid insanity, including Norman Fenton saying the SAGE academics were openly relishing using this scam as an opportunity to pursue the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab’s agenda.

It’s mind-boggling that unelected academics were wielding such power over the public, this is treason against the people, including the activities of 77th Brigade.

This is the most shattering political experience of my lifetime, and I suggest ever, with ‘our own governments’ against us, apparently colonised by acolytes of the World Economic Forum, including ‘Young Global Leaders’.

A coup has taken place, with our political systems now being used to exploit and oppress the people, stealing their freedom.

These governments are illegitimate, they are forming draconian policy without the informed consent of the people.

How do we pushback against this biggest act of treachery in history, and bring the perpetrators to account?

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Excellent wide-ranging interview. One of the best I’ve heard with Prof. Fenton. A great interviewer asking all the right questions.

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I thing being in the same room as the host makes a big difference to the conversation flow. Great interview. Thanks for sharing.

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Powerful interview! Many thanks for your invaluable work, Professor.

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Wonderful conversation, thanks. Having made it this far, I do hope you get to enjoy your retirement and it isn't totally consumed setting the record straight. That said, I'm very grateful you are motivated to inform us of these crazy stunts. Even after these last three years, it still shocks me how low our overlords will stoop to maintain control and coerce, and how many people who knew it wasn't right went along with it anyway.

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Excellent talk, so natural...

great conversation

Thank you

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Re the mass testing scam…

Please see below my BMJ rapid response, published in November 2020:

Coronavirus mass testing - a gross waste of money and resources

(See this link for references: https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m4460/rr-2)

Dear Editor

England's health secretary, Matt Hancock, says "Mass testing is a vital tool to help us control this virus and get life more normal".[1]

I disagree. Extraordinary amounts of money and resources are being expended on testing around the world - is this justifiable?

In Australia 9,872,011 tests have been conducted with 0.3% being positive.[2]

According to Gareth Iacobucci's report, "as at 16 November the Liverpool pilot had tested 100,000 asymptomatic people, of whom 700 (0.7%) tested positive for covid-19".[1] [3]

In the Australian and Liverpool examples, there appears to be a huge waste of resources with this mass testing, with more than 99% of the tests being negative.

How much is all this testing costing, not just money and direct resources, but also in causing disruption in people's lives, worry about results, loss of productivity etc?

A WHO report providing guidance for surveillance during an influenza pandemic, published in 2017, recommends "case-based reporting (the counting of individual cases) should cease once there is broad community transmission in a country - at this point, syndromic data from sentinel sites, hospital-based data and systematic laboratory testing should be used instead".[4]

Doesn't this mean that widespread testing of asymptomatic people should be ceased?

Surely scarce money and resources can be better targeted in the coronavirus response? As Professor Allyson Pollock says, mass screening proposals risk causing harm through "significant diversion of healthcare resources".[1]

Ongoing testing and questionable 'case' numbers are being used to implement drastic limitations on people's freedom of movement and association around the world, including lockdowns which interfere with people's right to earn their own living, to freely associate with others, to simply live their lives freely.

There must be an urgent reappraisal of the worth of mass testing.

27 November 2020

Elizabeth M Hart

Independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

Adelaide, Australia

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anti-sem? hardlyever been any or the collective never would have accumulated so much power, influence, wealth? well maybe occasional over playing of violence but then we never measure the amount of trauma inflicted upon host populations before such things occur... of course what we know is largely expanded and highly publicized by those who own the media... which is also highly owned/controlled by these same victims

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