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It has been astounding/deeply troubling to witness how the vast majority will scoff at a clearly genuine voice of rational and reason, whilst simultaneously accepting, without hesitation, words from obvious charlatans, and their talking heads (the news presenters).

Michael Yeadon comes to mind. An ex VP of Pfizer - chief scientist respiratory disease (could you ask for a higher calibre whistle blower?) warns people of the 'vaccines' and potential broader agenda. Like Dr Heiko Schoening, a man of honor, with nothing to gain, and much to lose from speaking out. But, people listen to the likes of Fauci, Bourla, Walensky, and their army of minions, thereby racing off to get their 'safe and effective' chemical injections.

Freedom is a God given, inalienable human right, but it is abundantly clear, most humans are only too happy to forego it in exchange for indulging their apathy.

I feel like I'm on a sinking ship, trying, with too few, to get the lifeboats into the water, the vast majority watching in bewildered stupor, convinced the underwater session must be part of the cruise.

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👏👏👏👏👏 Thabk you for finding him!! I saw a video online of him speaking at the corner later in 2020 but havent been able to find it since as I didn't know his name!! Will his book be released in English- I don't read German unfortunately.🤷‍♀️🙏🙏🙏

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Oh my goodness. Professor Fenton, you too are among the brave ones, punished differently. Let's have you stay out of the clinker....

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I have always believed the Covid pandemic was planned, and short of Jesus telling me it wasn't, I will always be confident Covid was intended.

The hatred for Donald Trump was so palpable; a million American lives were worth the price to ensure he wasn't reelected.

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Thank you – I didn’t know of these details but I was on my way to predicting similar events in 2019 when I could see the complete collapse of medical scientific integrity. I had actually worked on describing what I called the “echo chamber and power vortex” since 2018: https://healthythinking.substack.com/p/revisiting-my-2019-pharma-echo-chamber

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cc: Norman

Dear Robert and Jill,

Think of this whole thing as a castle with many doors. The doors are all each entryways to parts of the system; medical; tech; legislative; etc.

The doors are a vulnerability. The people and the contents of the castle are extremely vulnerable - that's why the castle is locked and fortified.

All you need is one crowbar (leverage) to pry open a crack in one of the doors and the pressure applied by others who are with you will bust it open.

Your knowledge of the medical corruption behind one of the doors is the prybar - and you have leverage.

Just crack open that ONE DOOR where the light from outside is shining in. Everyone will follow that.

You have no leverage at the "free speech" door. You will just be banging your head against it.

Once you, and others crack open - just that one door - your door - you can open all of the others - from inside the castle halls.

It's that simple.

Pry open the door with the leverage you have:

Your knowledge of how and what they are doing is false/unscientific and your powerful ability (leverage) to demonstrate what they "know" but are not telling the public.


Then you're in.

And it's what you make of it.

They'll kill you if you stay outside.

Don't parade around the castle.

Pry open the door.


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I'm worried as I was watching the KLA TV video of Heiko talking about his book and now it won't play - none of the KLA TV videos (and they all look fascinating) will play so I'm worried it's been censored - I did watch over half though. Will try to get his book once it's available in English. What great guy x

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Heiko, Thank you for that incredibly specific identification of the criminal element of Pfizer, and mRNA imposition in general. It seems you can see the real world. How few of you there are.

But now we can start to talk turkey. We need actual human enemy targets to end this war. I can offer another. Rupert Murdoch is cultivatedly a grumpy old man who runs some media. If you believe that, he has succeeded with his camouflage.

Here is the truth. Murdoch is the Boss. The global coordinator. World Emperor, if you like.

In 1973, David Rockefeller anointed Murdoch as his successor. He was the only person who qualified. When David died in march, 2017, Murdoch took over. His media are not sycophantic as so many critics say. His media runs the pandemic and global climate panic. Since he owned all but a handful of politicians in Australia, he has gone on to own them world-wide. bribery, honey traps, terror, threats, it does not matter; whatever works. That is how the narrative of covid was identical world-wide. "Safe and effective", and so on.

He has also created a line up of targets for us to kill: Fauci, Gates, Tedros, Adern, Trudeou, Harari, Schwarb, and so on. Everybody but grumpy old him. He is also the architect of Plan B, in which pre-cultivated heroes will rescue humanity and, as pundits, gurus, even messiahs, they will lead us on a triumphant peaceful and non-violent march, singing all the way, to the death camps. Then his Plan C :mop up squads to erase the non-gullible.

Until people see the real beast, we will be devoured. Murdoch is a step ahead of the smartest literary "resistance fighter". Incidentally, I wrote a novel, currently being distributed for free on request, that identifies Murdoch's crimes in Australia, for which he will be imprisoned. He has spent millions of dollars hiding the trail of evidence of his crimes, but not well enough. When he goes down the NWO will go down because Murdoch is the head of the snake.

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I was also thinking of producing the 'deck of villains' playing cards... It seems appropriate.

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"His mobile phone and computer were confiscated and never returned." Has he recently asked for them back? What reasons have the police given for not returning them?

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I am not surprised by this. My gut feeling for any "instant vaccine" is that they likely would be dangerous, mainly because I'm 81 and understand there is no quick result when making a vaccine.

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It was a privilege to meet him in Bath, a man of such courage.

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Norman, what is your take?

For reasons I don't fully understand, I don't want the information being unveiled by so many different sources to be true. So I keep searching for more information that will either convince me it is true or it was all non sense. I just hope there is an actual awakening and I am not living in my own bubble.

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George Webb is also investigating the anthrax connection and bio warfare. It might be interesting for them to connect....

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