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I thank Norman for pulling this together.

Obviously, his is the correct verdict.

But there’s a point almost everyone has missed.

For 60 years, since thalidomide, we have NEVER administered experimental medical treatments to pregnant women.

It’s pretty much THE reddest of red lines.

I knew this from my R&D experience.

I bet all midwives & doctors knew this, too.

I expect the majority of nurses did, too.

The general public knows it.

Recall in saner days asking whether a paracetamol tablet was safe in pregnancy?

And the caution about unpasteurised milk?

Avoiding alcohol and cigarette smoking?

But it’s fine to inject pregnant women with a new technology gene based material with no prior clinical experience?


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Here’s something you won’t want to read but I’m afraid you need to know it, in order to be steeled for whatever is coming next.

These injections were DESIGNED to injure, maim & kill. There’s no possibility that my clever peers in the vaccines division didn’t know these three utterly incontestable facts.

1. Choice of spike protein as immunogen. Spike is the only part of the family of coronaviruses known to be acutely toxic to mammals. They’re biologically active, prompting blood coagulation and activating immune complement, among other nasty effects. Spike also contains many short sequences which bear sufficient similarities to human proteins that it was likely that it would cause autoimmune reactions.

All four leading companies chose spike. I believe that’s collusion & not coincidence.

2. Choice of lipid nanoparticles (LNP) formulations to wrap these mRNA sequences in. This not only prompts the injected material to distribute stealthily around the body (when it’s needed only in the lymph nodes). Worse still, there are published peer reviewed journal articles showing that formulations of this type accumulate in organs including the ovaries. This was actually confirmed in the case of the Pfizer product.

3. Worst of all, the use of gene-based technology at all. When the cells in your body take up & transcribe the mRNA into proteins, those cells mark themselves as displaying NON-SELF products. Your immune system knows that means infection or an aberration like cancer. That immune system launches attacks upon that cell with the intention of killing it. Those autoimmune reactions vary in intensity and effectiveness. This is certain to happen with all such mRNA “vaccines”.

You may have heard that your government has agreed to buy sufficient new “vaccines” to be able to inject you a further ten (10) times. Guess what they’re going to do those doses?

The initial “covid19 vaccines” products itself were horribly variable because they didn’t bother to manufacture them properly. All a bit of a rush, of course.

The next wave “vaccines” won’t be any better, thankfully. Had they been consistently made, far more injuries and deaths would already have occurred.

If anyone in industry would like to contest that they didn’t know these things between the idea and injecting 6 billion people, do let me know. I don’t expect any replies from that direction.

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Reminds me of the highly disturbing comment I found in VAERS:

"Had a really healthy pregnancy then had her booster on 25/10/21 and by the 8/11/21 her daughter heart stopped at nearly 8 months pregnant, she was with the charity and the amount of stillbirths from the covid vaccine were unreal"

VAERS ID 1946107

From that comment alone, the vaccine is potentially destroying masses of unborn children, key people know and they are saying nothing.

The report was from the UK I might add.

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Always remember that the NEJM data, clearly showed an 82% rate of spontaneous abortion for first trimester women.

They then added another 700 women in their second and third trimesters to hide the issue.

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Safe and effective. For depopulation of the most vulnerable. The elderly, the children, the pregnant.

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I do believe ivermectin is safer for pregnancy than any vaccine ever! Who came up with- oh yeah. Let’s jab all the pregnant women-! I wasn’t even allowed an aspirin or Tylenol whilst pregnant no alcohol no sweets. My Dr was strict! What happened to those Drs. WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!

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We’ve had several fetal demises as of late -anywhere from 18-34 weeks. Obviously jabbed very early to 20 ish weeks of pregnancy when the booster was going around: Oct/Nov. the pain these parents go through is horrendous. Yet we keep giving it..... :-(

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Reprehensible how they experimented with the health of new mums/babies with ZERO safety and efficacy data to prove the need.

Data from Edinburgh University shows-

''Between December 2020 (the start of the vaccination programme) and the end of May 2021, 4,090 COVID-19 vaccinations were given to 3,698 pregnant women in Scotland. 3,013 (74%) were first doses and 1,077 (26%) were second doses.''


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The reality is FDA did discuss the transcription of the vaccine to fetal DNA back in December 2020 and WHO stated that the vaccine was not recommended for pregnant women. Apparently Israelis and the western humanity with them, we were too compliant.

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Fact-set data coupled with common sense is an invaluable commodity, especially in today’s world. Thank you Norman Fenton!

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The biggest lie is that the substance called a mRNA vaccine is not a vaccine or anything having to do with the definition of a pharmaceutical. It does absolutely nothing for anyone against any virus or disease. It is a substance primed to alter DNA/RNA profiles and cause great short or long term harm to the human body.

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m waiting for the first civil lawsuit against individuals most responsible for this catastrophe. Fraudulent conspiracy to kill and maim masses of people has no immunity from prosecution. This must be a massively funded and resourced effort. Give them no more rest at least until it has been adjudicated properly. Let’s get a ‘Who’s WHO’ list of the most deserving individuals. I think we’ve already got a list of high profile of government snakes to freeze their passports while proceedings move along.

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I'm wondering... esp after reading this article and Dr Yeadon's comments .....

What is the situation for those young women who had one pfzier vaccine and no more?

Considering most women got vaccinated is there any advice as to how long women should wait to get pregnant after their last dose?

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Yup. Children of Men scenario incoming.

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Excellently done! Thank you. I'd love to see someone dive into all the stats of the research that's been released that includes 2 weeks post vaccine statuses in the unvaccinated category. What a travesty what they've done!

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"...and everyone else." Nope! Not safe. Not effective. So sure as f*** not necessary.

Did your BS detector know this from the very beginning, I hope?

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