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Fantastic digging!

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I would like to contribute some information about what happened to the flu here in Germany.

My sister-in-law Marianne is working as a receptionist in a so called Sentinel-Klinik in south-west of Baden-Württemberg. A sentinel-clinic is a clinic which reports regularly to Robert Koch Institut (RKI) which is the federal authority of health. There are some 200 sentinel-clinics in Germany. On basis of these reports number of flu-cases and flu-deaths is estimated by RKI. Which ends up in quite an exact estimation.

Marianne told us in Winter 2020/21 "In former years when a patient was brought to us into our hospital who had respitorial problems we allways did a test on influenza. And we allways reported the result to RKI. This was obligatory. In this winter in case a patient arrives with respitorial problems we don't do any test on influenza. Not one!"

In other words: All of the flu-deaths in Germany have been mislabeled into corona-deaths. These deaths were urgently needed in order to fabricate the "second wave" of which people had been frightened so much. Without this trick no "second wave" of corona would have appeared and vaccine rollout would have been hampered.

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They will still explain it away because these search queries are due to convid-deniers, anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists who were googling the flu whereas in reality everything was the coof. That's what they'll say.

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Wish I had this back when I was being ridiculed for stating these facts. I went to the WHO website myself and saw the same thing in May 2020. It's not rocket science figuring out what they've done.

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So it's more likely than not that only a small proportion of "flu" is caused by the influenza virus (the rest is from a myriad of respiratory viruses - some unknown - including coronaviruses). I think it's best to call this syndrome "upper respiratory tract infection of various severity including flu like illness" - this includes COVID and influenza in with all the rest. It just makes more sense.

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The "infection" (rather than "case") fatality rate of COVID 19 is strikingly low because everybody was exposed to the virus but few of working age died.

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Thanks. Well found. Flu net possibly "adjusted"?!

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September 8th 2020, ONS merged covid numbers with 'flu numbers. Why?

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Not sure this is indicative of anything - people often can't distinguish between covid and "regular" flu based on symptoms, so the fact that they googled flu might simply mean they were trying to figure out if they had the flu or not. IOW people's subjective opinions about what virus they have and their google searches don't mean much, absent reliable tests.

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I second another commenter that it is not always assured to distinguish between the different viruses that cause flu like symptoms.

Without the neurological (e.g. loss of smell) and/or severe respiratory symptoms of Covid (which not everyone gets) or a laboratory test (which not everyone gets when they have the sniffles out effect fever) it is not a sure thing that people who searched for flu actually had the flu virus.

Maybe removing other confounding search trends (for Covid and RSV) might help.

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Always a glaring piece of nonsense, along with "cases," RT-PCR and RAT "tests." The 'disappearance' of 'flu in NZ is attributed to its low IQ. It couldn't figure how to get across the border. On the other hand, COVID was much smarter; it did.


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Excellent find. Now look at these Google Trends queries (set start date pre-COVID like 5/26/2019):

Example link for "heart failure": https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2019-05-26%202023-05-26&geo=US&q=heart%20failure

Heart failure


Heart inflammation

Blood clot

No cause of death

Sudden death

Died unexpectedly

Found deceased

Sympathy message

Months after vaccine

Since vaccine

Note: we need not expect to see something "shocking" for every query- the key is to look for sustained increases on the order of 15-20% which was the extent of excess non-COVID deaths shown in the Pfizer and Moderna clinical trials. Most of these queries seem to clearly show AT LEAST a 15-20% post-vaccine increase (more than that in many cases), and don't forget that 15-20% increases in deaths or serious adverse events still translate to hundreds of thousands of lives (millions worldwide).

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In late 2020, prior to the rollout of the covid vaccines, the British were being encouraged to take a flu vaccine under the basis that it "may help prevent covids". In late 2021, once they had been issued the covid vaccines, the British were then being encouraged to accept both. If the authorities were convinced that flu had disappeared, why were they encouraging the public to have both the flu vaccine AND the covid vaccines? They are in fact often administered together, the same time, same day, which strikes me a doubly risky... The only time in 21 years that I suffered an adverse reaction to my flu vaccine was the day in 2009 that I was given the swine-flu vaccine at the same time.

I describe my 21 year flu vaccine experiment on my Substack page in a post titled My 20 Years+ on The Flu Vaccine & Why I Gave it Up, link below. I describe how despite initially being enamoured, the benefits of the flu vaccine appeared to wane exactly through the time that the jab was commercialised & began being offered to everyone not just the vulnerable, like me.

Also in my article I describe my research into the flu vaccine as the covid "pandemic" raged which showed that not only was the flu vaccine of limited worth against flu itself, but also that priming the immune system for flu appears to leave it wide open to assault from other viruses, specially coronavirus. Folks who have been vaccinated against flu are not just susceptible to flu but should they come into contact with a coronavirus instead can be made considerably more unwell & enjoy an increased risk of hospitalisation.

Links supporting my claims follow.

My Substack. Please subscribe if you have not already done so - https://alternativenarrative.substack.com/p/my-twenty-years-on-the-flu-vaccine

DOD study. "Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference." - https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264410X19313647

"A randomized placebo-controlled trial in children showed that flu shots increased fivefold the risk of acute respiratory infections caused by a group of noninfluenza viruses, including coronaviruses."


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Syndromic surveillance is widely used. The Uk government reports this, and include a a group of people who weekly report any flu like symptoms, reporting of people going to GPs with flu like symptoms and internet searches. These are non-specific for any particular virus. More details here.


But at the same time patients were being tested in primary care and on admission to hospital for Flu A, flu B, RSV, and SARS-CoV-2. The results for the testing is given above. So the tests were being done, but flu was not found.

One explanation might be the social distancing, masking, lock down especially of schools (which are known to be very important in flu spread) was effective at controlling flu. This is perhaps more likely than an international conspiracy to hide flu. It should be remembered that flu was expected by the health authorities and they did a lot of work on flu vaccination to prevent a surge in flu that never happened.

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I do believe that most of the reagents for the tests are made in China.

If the covid tests were provided with flu antigen markers they would have shown covid when it was only a flu.

Lots of room to inker with results is you can adjust the tests.

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Awesome because I wondered about this from the beginning, and I knew the FLU was being suppressed because the FLU was being renamed to SARS-2 C19 SARS was was more of a fund raiser, I mean money maker, I mean you cannot kill people the way they wanted to kill people with the FLU, uhhh you get the picture just look at the "flu not" graph LOL.. Everything was coordinated and planned ahead of time, and all the other so called outbreaks were simulations and practices by the same no good people..

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