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Flawed Covid definitions, data and modelling

An end of year review

Welcome to our new substack - ‘Where are the numbers?

Many readers of our other blogs will know about our battle challenging the flawed statistics, dubious data and flaky modelling assumptions used to justify all sorts of dangerous or useless Covid-era measures. Now, (like almost everyone else) we have moved our work onto substack and will be posting new insights here on a regular basis. Our mission remains the same - to expose bad science and statistics in the post-Covid era.

Over the last three years we’ve produced a mountain of research, some of which you might be familiar with, but other stuff might appear new and fresh to some of you. So, we thought our first substack article should maybe publicise this material in the hope that it reaches a new and wider readership.

But who wants to read through more (long) research papers and numerous blog articles? Luckily, you don’t need to, because we now have a digestible summary of most of it (our work on ivermectin didn’t make it in). Big thanks to PANDA for making this happen - they invited us to present our work at one of their most recent regular series of PANDA Open Science meetings. Norman presented first talking about flawed Covid definition, data and modelling and Martin presented some new exploratory research into the worrying excess deaths phenomena we’ve all read so much about.

The video of Norman’s presentation on flawed Covid definition, data and modelling can be viewed will also appear on PANDA's Rumble channel.

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice this is a much-updated version of Norman’s February 2022 presentation at PANDA, which has now earned over a million views on Rumble. You can view this here.

Our next newsletter will cover Martin’s talk on excess deaths.

Where are the numbers? by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil
Where are the numbers? by Norman Fenton and Martin Neil
Martin Neil
Norman Fenton