Here is an alternative argument:

"You take it and a year goes by and everybody's fine. And then you say, "okay, that's good, let's give it to 500 people. And then a year goes by and anybody's fine. So then you say, 'well now, let's give it to thousands of people' And then you find out it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose. And then, what have you done?" —Fauci on the AIDS vaccine, 1999

So, regarding the warp speed COVID vaccine:

Rushed, guaranteed to succeed, corruptly tested, experimental injection? ✓

That killed and maimed well-over a thousand people during the severely abbreviated post trial phase? ✓

And also caused 23 spontaneous abortions and 75 serious clinical events from 270 expectant mothers during said post trial? ✓

Using a highly dangerous mRNA tech that in the past killed every mouse with ADE? ✓

A tech previously untested on humans, the emergency usage of which upended over a century of vaccine safety and efficacy research? ✓

For a virus far less deadly than the lockdowns themselves? ✓

Also less deadly than the flu - which conveniently went AWOL when COVID hit the scene? ✓

For a (cold) virus they’ve been unable to cure after over a century of trying? ✓

But somehow all of a sudden, the criminal pharmaceutical companies - notorious for rampant felonious trial fraud - figured it out in less than a year? ✓

And then went on to manufacture billions of quality assured, safe and effective doses at record speed which were then lawfully distributed by the US military? ✓

People actually bought into this on a grand scale, and voluntarily injected this poison? ✓

References for all of the above here: https://tritorch.substack.com/p/the-doormats-of-the-new-world-order

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Brilliant examples! I love your intellectual honesty.

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A reminder there were no actuaries on SAGE?

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1. Maybe they already do age adjustments or age matching that address the second bias?

2. Of relevance:



Healthy user bias and confounding by contraindication strike big in this booster study.

“This corresponds to a 94.8% lower mortality not related to Covid-19 among participants in the booster group and indicates a markedly lower incidence of adverse health outcomes in the booster group.”

When questioned, the authors admitted, “The policy in Israel prioritized the administration of boosters to persons in the community setting who were at the highest risk. However, boosters were generally not administered to hospitalized patients who were at high risk for death from any cause.”

So technically, at least part of this I think is best called "confounding by contraindication".

3. The CDC did their own study long back that said in every age group vaccinated people had 60 to 70% lower non-covid mortality than the unvaccinated. Can find it if needed.

4, The pervasive pattern is vaccinated have lower background mortality. I am doubtful we need to worry about the second bias, IMO. At least in cohort studies. Or so my 3am brain tells me.

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How often do we have to be warned about the "Stove" being hot before we decide not to sit on it, for anyone with a 1/4 of a brain once? Here is a statistic to chew on: if you contracted the COVID-19 flu bug, you had a 98% Chance of survival. The question you have to ask yourself is: why would I get a bio-weapon jab for something that has not been tested as safe and effective? Finally, I know eight people (youngest 30 Y.O.) who died suddenly from this poison!

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Again another lesson from the master, step by step.

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Well I prefer to look at real life examples and what’s happening around me. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck!

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"There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics" (Mark Twain and/or Disraeli).

I find this all very complicated. Would it not work by simply taking a bunch of similar aged and healthy youngish people and seeing if they start dying after the jabs? Healthy young people never used to die a lot (unlike old people) and you could exclude the ones with pre-existing life-threatening conditions.

Obviously, that is a suggestion from someone who got thrown out of their maths 'O' level class back in the day and struggles to even recite telephone numbers!!!!

I do enjoy your articles though because they make me concentrate!

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Same idea works for deaths after a cruise, including with passengers who were all on the same boat.

Diamond Princess, anyone?

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A bit off the subject, but here goes. Why do domesticated (and maybe agricultural?) animals get more lumps, bumps and diseases now than in the past? Why is there “pet health insurance”? These things were practically unheard of six decades ago.

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Thank you for your post and comparisons.

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As soon as I learned that IVERMECTIN had been hidden from public awareness in order to justify the 'instantly available' injection that pretended was a 'vaccine', I knew there was a PLOT!

Then I realised that IVM had been proven SAFE for decades - for many viral health issues, my suspicions doubled.

Then I learned that IVERMECTIN had been recommended by the (previously honest) WHO for every country to hold stock of IVM and called it "one of the most important 'TOP 50 must-have medicines'.

Then I discovered Bih Pharma could not release the 'instantly invented' vaccines IF another Covid medicine was already available - and immediately IVM was made to disappear with the 'Establishment' pretending that "IVM is for HORSES" in spite of its prior history and successful performances, the pieces seemed to fall into place.

Then I found out that IF ANOTHER anti-viral medicine already existed, Big Pharma could not be awarded an 'EMERGENCY USE AUTHORISATION' (EUA). The plot thickened still further.

Then I found the data from WHO & CDC proving that in 2020 Influenza suddenly disappeared, only to mysteriously reappear in 2021. I sniffed a 'RAT'.

Then I learned many diseases were occurring in athletes and sports participants, inexplicably dropping dead on playing fields. stadiums and arenas. This has become the 'verboten' subject called EXCESS DEATHS that nobody is allowed to mention.

Then there was insane reliance on these new unproven injections, but, amazingly, every government seemed keen to invest in the 'EXPERIMENT' which was designed to destroy their Nation's financial stability by buying millions of these untried, unsafe, 'EXPERIMENTAL' unwarranted and useless injections even though the makers Contractually DENIED ALL LIABILITY for Injuries and DEATHS which frequently followed the use of this 'EXPERIMENTAL' concoction. 'Frequently' is now described as "very rare"?

Doesn't really take a rocket scientist to work out this injection was a well-organised depopulation SCAM. Then I noticed that Excess Deaths that followed these unsafe and Ineffective jabs were being hidden or simply ignored, while the makers of these dangerous jabs rolled in their fortunes with no consequences and absolutely NO LIABILITY! I thought 'this is somewhat suspicious'.

that was early in 2020 and the DEATH CULL has continued for nearly FOUR YERARS and still everybody seems to enjoy hiding their heads in the sand while MILLIONS DIE or are injured by this poison that seems to do NOTHING to Stop, reduce, limit of save anybody from Fauci's man-modified Bat virus they named covid. This virus was created by modifying viruses using 'Bio-weapon' experiments called Gain of Function, to find how dangerous could they modify a virus to impact the health of humans.

These are the reasonable stages of studying the history and origination of the Depopulation Plan, which nearly 75% of the world's population seemed to believe was 'for their own good'. I'm totally staggered at how stupid 'man' can be!

The next stage of this war against normal human beings has been revealed by the World Health Organisation and some of its evil benefactors. Bill Gates has become the biggest contributor to the World Health Organisation and now controls their activities and Policies. Gates, a big investor in VAX, has stated; "The next one will really get their attention". He wants the final 25% of humans jabbed up so they are reliant on poisonous injections and will then suffer, at best, SHORTENED LIFE EXPECTANCY!

It has been revealed that these new EXPERIMENTAL injections, which were created at unrealistic speed, modify human DNA by design. All recipients have now been IRREVERSIBLY Genetically Modified.

Good luck to the 75% that believed the hype about, what turns out to be, a Cull of humanity to reduce Global Warming.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Clearly, it depends on what movies you went to see.

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Is there ANY rational (= scientific) non-statistical explanation why a statistician would deliberately use their numbers and methods to lie (= create interpretations of the data that they know are not true)?

If there is no explanation, shouldn’t we assume a working hypothesis that statistics is a tool to create false representations of facts? At face value, in common sense, without specific data, this statement is 50% true.

If that is the case, should 50% be a sufficient threshold to draw 100% “right” conclusions?

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Where possible I begrudge giving them clicks. So anyone got a link to a non-youtube version?

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Our very own Math prodigy, able and willing to speak simply and clearly to those who do not have his expertise. What a gift for God to give us.

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