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Thank you, Professors Fenton and Neil. If it is possible to make a small financial contribution, less than that of the subscription, I would do tso. The subscription rate is certainly a generous offer on your part, not to mention that you make your time, expertise, and bravery available to all, gratis. It's just that even the generous rate is a tad out of reach right now.

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Hi Lucian

If you can find other sources or interpretations I'd very much encourage you to share them here. I for one am very keen to read dispassionate objective analysis, untainted by invective.



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Great article. Just to flag, I noticed 2 of the statistics calculated in relation to proportion of deaths are miscalculated, it looks like the percentage was calculated by multiplying by 1000 not 100

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Great article thanks. One statistical problem was introduced when the FDA, TGA, etc. allowed Pfizer to change its buffer formula from Phosphate to Tromethamine (Tris, THAM) and Sugar (Sucrose). Both substances cause serious adverse reaction, on their own, when injected into muscle.

More severe Serious Adverse Events can be expected due to priming allergy to these ingredients.

Regarding relative Lethality of the jabs, other "novel" ingredients like ALC-0315, unique to Pfizer, and its degradation products, need proper Toxicity and Genotoxicity studies to be performed, because they were not done before mass jabbing campaigns.

I used the ratios of Deaths to SAE reports in UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia to show that Pfizer is more lethal than Moderna per jab, and more so if you try to work out Deaths per million people who have received up to 6 shots in various heterologous as well as homologous sequences before the Daeth.


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Thank you for this extremely important and thorough look at the data.

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Thank you for this article.

Incredible that previous jabs have been suspended & discontinued after only 1 adverse event in a patient.

This current debacle has "miraculously" evaded the Do No Harm ethos. Miracle? Hardly.

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Just commented on Josh Guetzkow: https://jackanapes.substack.com/p/cdc-finally-released-its-vaers-safety/comment/11640935

"The PRR signal-detection system is absolute CRAP. Here's why. Imagine a new vaccine causes precisely 1000 times as many adverse events of every single type as all the comparable vaccines. If so, the PRR = 1 for every adverse event, because the proportion of any selected adverse event is unchanged as a fraction of the whole. Thus the signal is not triggered, suggesting everything is fine, even though it is actually 1000 times worse! The calculation should be: PRR = (rate per million doses of specific AE in the new vaccine) / (rate per million doses of same specific AE in old vaccines). The current PRR is designed to HIDE problems, not to expose them."

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Excellent article. Is the transgender issue being addressed in the CDC statistics? By that I mean, Is there accounting for the people thinking they are the other sex or thinking they are 'frogs' or 'deer' or whatever having issues? If a trans woman identifying as a 'frog' were to have menstrual problems would it be identifies as 'female' or just 'trashed'? Just a thought.

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Is there any other source that has independently obtained this data and reached the same conclusion? The Epoch Times is a pro-Trump Facebook-advertising conspiracy rag that promotes QAnon and election fraud, and is founded by a creationist cult that believe aliens exist on earth and that race-mixing is part of their ploy to overtake humanity.

So I hope you can understand when I don't exactly trust the veracity of an Excel spreadsheet sent from this guy.

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Thank you for doing this. Do you, by any chance, have the FOIA tracking number for this? I would like to be able to point to it and show that it is an official government response.

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