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On the childhood vaccine topic, are you familiar with the book "Turtles All The Way Down"? It covers all the official literature, and shows among other things how none of the vaccines on the schedule were tested against a true saline placebo.

The chapter on polio is particularly fascinating / damming


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Oddly, a new vaccine for RSV for the 60+ years does use saline as a placebo in the control group - https://www.fda.gov/media/167805/download

I wonder how rare this is, and in this case is it to provide a 'see we do use saline when appropriate'. Two years ago I wrote to friends about how I saw what was going on with covid and did note that the two week shift would mess up the data for the statistics but did not note the crucial artefact that you work out. I have worked with PDEs, very little statistics. I cannot believe that the statisticians who did the efficacy analysis did not know this effect so have to assume it was deliberate. If any say they did not realise this, they should be out of a job immediately.

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And here is important parts of “Turtles all the Way Down” being read by Joel Smalley


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I absolutely love the dark horse podcast!!!! Thanks so much for directing people to their awesome discussions.!!!!

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That episode started really slowly but was good once it got going. I made the mistake of starting at the beginning instead of 31:30.

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Weinstein and Heying admit to struggling to get their mind round the effect but as, Norman has shown, it is equivalent to something simple to understand - using a cases figure that is two/three weeks (depending on the chosen period) out of date - during that period the number of people vaccinated has clearly increased so the cases/vaccinated person is artificially low. This means it is very easy to correct for it. Just use the vaccinated population from 2/3 weeks before the cases data. Has anyone done this? Do we know the ONS has not done it?

Also worth noting that the size of the effect is a function of the difference in the vaccinated population in the current week and the vaccinated population 2/3 weeks ago. So it will vary a great deal depending on the speed of roll out for the population in question.

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Both the Weinstein bros are total frauds. Wake the fuck up.

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This is good that your analysis is getting media exposure!

The third party who was commenting in the Dark Horse podcast (off camera, but with sound) at minute 54:00 gave a remarkably succinct synopsis by saying that, if the observation period was 8 weeks post-jab, then it is as if those vaccinated would actually be observed for 6 weeks, while the unvaccinated would be observed for 10 weeks.

Less simply said, this is because the first two weeks post-jab creates short-lived "phantom" subjects -- ie., those who've been jabbed, but whose infections are counted in the unjabbed group. Like actual phantoms, they are not tied to the human bodies that they originated from.

I think it was Einstein who derided quantum entanglement as being "spooky action at a distance." The COVID data-massaging is a type of spooky infection occuring at a distance from the jabs.

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Gimme a break. They stole the content from John Cullen. Give credit where credit is due.

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