So if I took a medicine which I never had before and died the day after would I be classified as not having taken it ?

This is clearly a nonsense approach given that many deaths will be missed that way.But that is what they want isn’t it?

Pure evil.

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Whose idea was it to alter the ONS logo (i.e. O flawed NS)?

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“UNVACCINATED”: took two shots, died on day 13 after 2nd shot, but considered “unvaxxed” because VACCINATED only starts 14 days after 2nd shot. Or another way to look at it is that a full 1.5 months into enrolling oneself into the clinical trial, you are considered UNVACCINATED--as though you had not been injected. We all know this is a coverup.

If I smoked crack for 2 weeks and lost my job and became homeless bc of it, it would not be accurate to say that i was employed (bc “employed” means up to 1.5 months after getting fired).

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