It’s all about peer pressure - forget the ‘review’ - and the fear of being excommunicated from the ingroup of righteous priests. The moral overtones of the learned class have taken a turn in the most dangerous direction.

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Aug 3, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

To borrow from the late great Groucho Marx: these are our peer reviews and if you don't like them, well we have others.


A warning from Dr Ros Jones about nextCOVE, which comes with an apparent inducement of £1500 on completion of study by participants.

More peer reviews await

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I can't stand these two. They mean well, but they're not thinking for themselves.

I appreciate your work because you figured it out where I was intuiting it by the data and circumstances of how they categorize stats.

These two are so slow that you have to spoon feed them the truth lol.

But it gives me hope, because I notice how it's not that they're purposely ignoring the truth, it just takes them time to realize it.

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Not to rain on your parade but to flag curious details when we consider sources. Bret Weinstein aka (BERT WEINSTEIN) didn't emerge from the ether as a voice of the "dark web" his Dad was a patent lawyer in DOJ with historic influence in area of Intellectual Property rights in biotech sector including work for Genentech and failure to disclose these insider relationships adds a week old fish stink to public perception of Bret/Bert as an unbiased investigator.

The fact that Darkhorse sat in RFK Jr interview for a year before releasing adds more suspicions for me about the true motives and potential conflicts of interest & claims about fretting income impact to his Youtube stream w RFK post doesn't help build any trust w half million settlement in the bank.

***Sep 16, 2017 · The News Tribune

The Evergreen State College professor at the center of campus protests this spring will receive $500,000 in a settlement that was announced Friday.

Bret Weinstein and his wife, Heather Heying, resigned from their faculty positions effective Friday. The couple filed a $3.85 million tort claim in July alleging the college failed to “protect its employees from repeated provocative and corrosive verbal and written hostility based on race, as well as threats of physical violence,”


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It is hard for me to believe that the scientists at the CDC and the ones performing these fake studies don't know what a proper "control group" is. Hint: It is NOT a group that contains specimens that have been altered over 7 or 14 or 21 or any other number of days. This is coordinated fraud, pure and simple.

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The officials and publishing scientists remind me of a Monty Python movie, the kind of groupthink that gets you into believing that a woman is a witch if she floats (because both wood and witches burn, and wood floats).

The boldness of their deceptions were already evident in March 2020:


*Response to: https://wherearethenumbers.substack.com/p/the-very-best-of-cheap-trick-makes/comments

*Side Note for those curious: Adding this "response to" line at the end guarantees that when simultaneously published to Substack Notes, the proper link shows up back to the original Where Are The Numbers piece.

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Martin & Norman, Obviously, the Cheap Trick is part of a larger truth which they will never mention or promote publicly as it would compromise their movement. The hypocrisy & deceit is strong with this group.

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