Really glad you are moving on to the net zero scam. I hope you get the chance to look at "The Science"TM this is all based on.

For starters, check out this general description of the modelling. It makes Ferguson / Imperial look rock solid. The complexity is ludicrous - it is completely implausible the outputs of these models could mean anything real. A major part of the exercise is literally "tuning" to make sure the models agree with each other.


And remember you really need to believe these models - they provide the ONLY "proof" of causality for human impact on temperature (as they generate the counterfactual).

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open air prison.

this is also what Aaron Russo talked about on Alex Jones's first documentary.

it seems so obvious that this is the trajectory to me, that I struggle with why people resist its reality.

we've started collecting books, looking for early editions, so that our children have some point of reference someday.

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Before I got banned on Twitter for maliciously spreading facts, I was warning people that Zero Covid was entry level Net Zero. I warned also that the Covid restrictions on international travel and the destruction of the overseas tourism industry was the government preparing people for a total ban on holiday flights. The nation contented itself with domestic holidays for a while. Now it seems we won't even have that privilege if the Net Zero cultists get their way. Cars will be effectively banned and if you've got a motorhome or caravan and want to go travelling, forget it. The widening of pavements and restrictions on roads, initially supposed to protect us from a virus, but hailed by the transport secretary as a step towards more climate friendly 'sustainable' living spaces, was also an ominous sign. This wasn't mere naked opportunism; it was planned.

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Thank you for speaking out. 🙏

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Oh living hell no. No beef? No flying? We’re being ruled by fools. Such disgust. So we’ll all give up good lives for crappy ones... to save Mother Earth. These the same people who have messed up everything else the last three years? Yeah... no thanks.

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I regularly check www.energydashboard.co.uk/live. It concentrates my mind on how our electricity demand and generation sources fluctuate on a daily basis. On 27th March at 19.34, of the 36.75 GW generation, 52.2% was from gas. 6.4% was from wind. Tonight 12th April at 9.00pm of the 34.4 GW generation, 25% is from gas and 40% wind. On both occasions around 11% of electricity was being imported and our nuclear contributed a totally constant 4.8 GW of base load. The idea that we can satisfy an increasing electricity demand by building more wind turbines and solar farms is delusional. Where are the numbers? Staring us in the face and anyone can view them on their phone to escape the net-zero matrix.

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The fact it was to be the climate scam sledgehammer used to destroy liberty has been obvious for well over a decade.

Covid was not just a trial run for entrenching lockdowns and restrictions into the human psyche, it was also to introduce digital IDs - initially the vaccine passports.

This was to be utilised, in conjunction with CBDC, to 'track' our individual carbon footprint. The Government having the power to 'switch our ability to live' off at any time. Complete tyranny.

Depopulation would be very simple from then onwards. Every human necessity can be tightly restricted digitally - employment, food, shelter, travel, energy, health treatment...

And, what pitiful claim can any of us make, that 'we need something to save ourselves'. What do we matter, when the collective objective is 'to save the entire planet'.

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One of the best presentations on climate that I have seen, now 11 years old:


The entire presentation is fascinating, but check out particularly from 37:40 to 40:10.

As far as I can see, the enthusiasm to address climate change by governments is driven by their unacknowledged (publicly) awareness that fossil fuels are limited - e.g. we now see that global peak oil production occurred at the end of 2018, and global coal production has peaked, particularly in terms of energy yield (compared to raw tonnage). Gas is peaking now. So long time "peakist" petroleum geophysicist Jean Laherrere says that the IPCC's RCP4.5 scenario is the only feasible one:


We don't need to do anything about reducing fossil fuel use. Mother Nature is doing it for us. Our problem is how we are going to feed the world using less energy - since about 30% of all fossil fuel use goes to production, distribution, and preparation of food.

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Imagine they really go through with all of that, and a hundred years from now the people will realize that none of it had the slightest impact on Climate Change™ (whatever that is), but the establishment will still be engaged in the same gaslighting because Climate Change™ would had been so much worse without this glorious Net Zero agenda.

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It seems that a global authority needs to demand similar efforts from all nations otherwise the nations that pay the price to save the climate will be severely handicapped in the competition between nations. There is no global authority currently, so I don't think this can work.

It would be different if the motivation was selfish such as energy independence. I don't see how Western nations can save the climate when non-Western nations may not see the same urgency.

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Climate scam exposes


Cloud seeding technology

Barium, strontium etc. this film will explain a lot;


Weather modification and the US military


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If it's any consolation to the media's late discovery of your work, I discovered you early on in the pandemic :)

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Hi, Prof Fenton. I covered this and other material from National Grid ESO on energy use and the CCC and what they have in store for us:

46-60% less energy per person

35-50% less meat

20-25% less agricultural land

Reduced car miles

Expensive foreign travel

Colder, more expensive homes.

Overall, it’s a misanthropic, Malthusian manifesto with no electoral legitimacy. Check out the article here:


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I will let the experts who work on FIRES speak for themselves. I've no doubt Prof. Fenton's an expert in his field. I'm also sure he knows as well as I do that Fox is hardly a credible platform on climate change. You're right about the lack of high profile public dialogue between experts from different relevant fields. The FIRES project is surely a serious attempt to address that.

The UK is a major source of global finance and insurance for the activities that cause rising emissions. The UK is firmly wedded to GDP growth in a world of falling energy returns on energy invested, an unsustainable proposition whose consequences are not experienced equally in the short to medium term at least. Given the top 10% of global income earners, that's everyone earning more than around US$50,000 a year, contribute about 50% of global emissions/year, and only 20% of humans have ever flown, fanning a hysterical reaction to the FIRES reductions strikes me as dishonest and pernicious. It privileges the perspective of the minority who would suffer a lifestyle contraction and who refuse to see, or take any responsibility for, the horrors happening elsewhere that will also affect the UK, though obviously not all Brits equally. Last year in the space of 3 months, Pakistan went from experiencing heat waves so intense that birds fell from the sky and children asked where the monsters were, to floods that displaced 33 million people, in part due to climate-fuelled intense rains and glaciers melting. The scale of damage, of impoverishment, is already huge but let's not pretend that greed and selfishness aren't embedded in refusing to contemplate change to the status quo.

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Neil Lock has done the donkey work on the alleged 'climate emergency' in the UK and summarized the outrageous events over the last 4 years particularly. It is a very revealing summary and it puts into context the Absolute Zero report published in November 2019, which coincidentally happens to be the month when Covid cases first emerged in Wuhan. 2019 in the UK was, as he points out, a 'year of madness' in the UK re. the Net Zero Green agenda. He sums up as follows:

"In the last four years alone, the UK government has been, again and again, tyrannical and dishonest on the “climate change” issue towards the people it is supposed to serve.

It has fraternized with extremists like Extinction Rebellion. It has declared a “climate emergency,” without any hard evidence of such an emergency, and without the parliament even taking a vote. It has mandated emissions reductions that, if informed in advance of their likely consequences, we would have rebelled against. It has moved the emissions goalposts, always in the direction of greater reductions. It has erected a supposedly democratic “assembly,” and made it nothing more than a rubber stamp for a pre-determined agenda. It is seeking to make it all but impossible for those, who cannot afford to buy electric cars, to retain their personal mobility.

It has laid down, and is implementing, policies which go very seriously against the interests of the people it is supposed to be serving. The effects will be disruptive, and will severely and negatively impact our freedoms and our prosperity. And it is doing these things to us without proper feasibility study, or proper analysis of the costs and benefits or of the risks.

On the occasions where it has allowed us an apparent say in the matter, it has ignored our views. It has conspired – yes, I do mean that word – with international parties to develop and promote an agenda hostile to us, the human beings it is supposed to serve; something that no democracy should ever do. It has encouraged extremists to force that agenda on to us at the local level as well as the national. It is indoctrinating young children with lies and scares. And in all these things, it has behaved with arrogance, dishonesty and hypocrisy.

We, the people, want all this climate crap stopped. Now. And we want our money back!"


The Covid and climate 'crises', in the UK especially, are inextricably entwined. We've been had, done up like kippers, as they say.

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The ONLY 'net zero' we need is is these controlling totalitarian liars to be GONE!!

No more! ..out of here!!!

nada nada!! hung and strung!! burned at the stake!!..

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