The FDA are liars. It has been clear for over 2 years that the shots are unnecessary in children, ineffective in any case, and very, very dangerous. It is not possible to explain their malfeasance as incompetence.

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Thank you for blogging on this.

The testimonies of post-jab heart damage in children are just piling up. Here's one I transcribed just the other day:

Dr. Chris Shoemaker and Dan Hartman in Honour of Sean Hartman

Filmed September 3, 2022, at a rally before a vigil march in Toronto, Canada



Full-length video from Free Speech Media

"No More Shots, Let's Follow Denmark's Lead! 09/03/22"


(in the full-length video the transcript starts at 8:58)


DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER: I'm proud of my last name but I'm also proud of the fact that almost all of my patients and almost all of the mothers and fathers of my patients, you know, call me Dr. Chris. So I can be called either, there are my two names, Chris is my first name, Shoemaker is my last name, and it's a real honor to be here with everybody.

Well, ah, in the very near future I'd like to ask a wonderful man to come forward and stand with me. His name is Dan Hartman. He's here in the crowd. I would welcome him coming up to be with me in the next couple of minutes or seconds. And it is at this time that we will put a face to the sadness of what vaccine injury is.

Vaccine injury, when given to people who don't need it, and no one under the age of 18 needed this shot, no one. And they were all likely to have bad things happen because their immune system is so strong at that age. That's the reason that Denmark has canceled the shot for the future. If this dear gentleman and family had been living in Denmark, to be honest, his son would be alive because there is no mandating of the shot for children in Denmark. They could get them, but they were not mandated for activities, social, physical education or otherwise.

Smart people other there in Denmark. Morons over here in Canada. Morons! Who don't know that you should not vaccinate babies and children.


And I pass the microphone to my dear friend Dan Hartman. God bless you, Dan.

DAN HARTMAN: Thank you, Doctor Chris.

DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER: Great honor. [inaudible]

DAN HARTMAN: My boy loved hockey. It was his whole life. He was playing ever since he was a little kid. It's all he ever thought about. It was his love and passion. To keep playing hockey, he had to get a vaccine. Sean's biggest fear in life was needles. He was terrified of them. And if he would have had the choice, he wouldn't have taken a needle.

On August 25th, he got vaccinated. On August 29th he went to the hospital, to emergency. He had brown circles around his eyes, he was vomiting, had a very sore shoulder, and a rash. And the doctor sent him home with the medical equivalent of Advil. He didn't do a d-dimer test,* he didn't do a tropanin test.** I filed a complaint against this doctor with the CPSO*** for not doing his job. Two little blood tests that he could have done that might have saved my son's life. They found him not guilty.

So he went to hockey on August, on September 26th. Went to play hockey with his friends. On the morning of September 27th he was, he was found dead on the floor beside his bed. My perfectly healthy son, who had no underlying conditions, was gone.

They did an autopsy and the cause of death was unascertained. Sorry, we don't know why he died.

I want to know why my son isn't here. He was perfectly healthy. There was nothing wrong with him. He faced his biggest fear, which was needles, and it took his life. And I want someone to tell me the damned truth, why my son isn't alive anymore.

This man next to me has been a doctor for over 45 years, he's worked in emergency for 25 years, so when you needed his help, you went and saw a man like this. You trusted him. So now the world needs to trust what he's saying because he's just trying to help. And that's what a doctor does.

My days are absolute torture now. I just cry 15 times a day. And it's hard to even exist. I want the truth about these vaccines.

Every other country in the world is admitting to vaccine deaths. Not Canada. I haven't heard of one.

Is that what we're going to do? We're just going to pretend it's not killing anybody? Really?

If someone could say, I'm sorry, Mr. Hartman, your son died from the vaccine, then I can grieve my son. But not until that day.

Thank you, doctor.


DR. CHRIS SHOEMAKER [taking the microphone]: Based on the medical history, I can say to you, your son was killed by the vaccine. Immediate symptoms within 48 hours of the shot, including symptoms of thrombosis or hemolysis, the fact that marks under the yes, something was going on with his hematologic system and the only thing that had happened was 48 hours before, he got a toxic shot.

I'm so sorry. We're here with you and with all the vaccine injured. Love to you all.


Thank you Dan.



#   #   #


For more about Dr. Chris Shoemaker visit https://drshoemakercovidtruth.com/

* "A D-dimer test is a simple blood test that can help your healthcare provider determine if you may have a blood clotting condition. If you have a high level of D-dimer in your blood, your provider may have you undergo further blood tests and/or imaging procedures to determine a diagnosis."

See: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/22045-d-dimer-test

**"A troponin test looks for certain types of the protein troponin, in your bloodstream. Those types of troponin only occur in heart muscle cells and only enter your blood because of heart muscle damage. That makes troponin invaluable in diagnosing heart attacks and other heart-related problems." See: https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diagnostics/22770-troponin-test

*** College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario


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Dan Hartman losing his son…what a tragedy…

Who was the person who administered the vaccination? How did they obtain authentic voluntary informed consent? It’s not possible, because if Dan Hartman and his son had been properly informed it’s highly unlikely they would have consented to this medical intervention.

Why was the boy even in front of the vaccinator?! He should never have been called upon to have this unnecessary medical intervention.

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Hi Elizabeth Hart,

I do not know the answers to your questions, except for the one about informed consent. I think this transcript may answer any question about that:

Video clip: https://twitter.com/i/status/1600747817697280000

Clip shows Dr. Renata Moon, MD, testifying in the roundtable discussion, COVID-19 Vaccines: What they Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries hosted by US Senator Ron Johnson. Washington DC, December 7, 2022


DR. RENATA MOON, MD: So a few months ago I looked at the package insert. I pulled it from the box of mRNA product. And you know it was sealed just like showing you here, I unsealed the box that the entire thing came in and then I pulled this out. And this is what it looks like. So I'd like to show this to you. [opens the large piece of paper, about the size of an opened newspaper, in so doing, bumps the microphone] Sorry about that. [holding up the large sheet of paper with both hands] It's um, it's blank.

DR. DAVID GORTLER: Boom. There is is.

DR. RENATA MOON, MD: It says intentionally blank on it.

DR. DAVID GORTLER: That's the data that pharmacists and physicians are basing on giving the injections outside of mainstream media recommendations. There it is right there. Here's a good question. Why didn't they just print that on a piece of paper the size of a postage stamp? Why all the theater of folding it up into a great big piece of paper like that? Why?

DR. RENATA MOON, MD: [inaudible] good question.

SENATOR RON JOHNSON: That's what's passing for informed consent.

DR. RENATA MOON, MD: Right. So how I am to give informed consent to parents when I have, this is what I have. I have a government that's telling me that I have to say safe and effective, and if I don't my license is at threat. How am I to give informed consent to patients? We're seeing an uptick in myocarditis, we're seeing an uptick in adverse reactions. We have trusted these regulatory agencies, I have, for my entire career up until now. Something is extremely wrong.


# # #


Dr. Renata Moon, MD "Dr. Renata Moon is board certified by the American Board of Pediatrics in both General Pediatrics and Pediatric Hospital Medicine. Dr. Moon has over twenty years of experience as a pediatrician and currently belongs to a Spokane clinic at Kaiser Permanente Washington where she enjoys taking care of children in both inpatient and outpatient settings. She has an extensive past history of involvement with medical education and enjoys working with residents and medical students. Dr. Moon is currently a faculty member for the APM course at the WSU College of Medicine." SOURCE: https://medicine.wsu.edu/overview/faculty-and-staff/renata-moon-m-d/

More information about Senator Ron Johnson's roundtable discussion at:


See also:

Highlights from the Ron Johnson COVID Vax Meeting

by Steve Kirsch

December 9, 2022


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Thanks Transcriber B…that’s pretty damning isn’t it…

Are you in Australia? This is probably one of the worst countries in the world for vaxxing under mandates, looks like we’ve been a test bed.

I don’t think that people in the UK understand how bad it’s been here, with widespread vaccination MANDATES across the country - No Jab, No Job…No Jab, No Life.

I’m reeling from what has gone on here, MANDATED medical interventions in a supposed free country.

What is going to happen when the penny finally drops on this situation, when people wake up and discover their personal autonomy and bodily integrity has been destroyed, that they’re been lied to and betrayed by politicians, doctors/health practitioners, academics such as ‘epidemiologists’ and ‘modellers’, and the wretched conflicted corporate mainstream media?

The biggest crime of all time is underway, run by the WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the vaccine industry, and the traitorous sycophants on their gravy train…

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He got the shot because he wanted to play hockey.

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As Dan Hartman said: “My boy loved hockey. It was his whole life. He was playing ever since he was a little kid. It's all he ever thought about. It was his love and passion. To keep playing hockey, he had to get a vaccine. Sean's biggest fear in life was needles. He was terrified of them. And if he would have had the choice, he wouldn't have taken a needle.”

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No kid should ever have been put in that position. Pure evil.

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Here's another:

Where's the TGA's transparency?

Russell Broadbent MP

Posted Feb 14, 2023



RUSSELL BROADBENT: Deputy speaker, last month I sought an urgent meeting with the Health Minister and the TGA [Therapeutic Goods Administration]. There's been no response to my request, so I'll ask my questions here.

Last year a Queensland GP obtained documents from the TGA under the FOI [Freedom of Information] Act number FOI-3727. These documents contain nine assessments conducted by the TGA following reports of someone dying from the covid-19 vaccine. The deceased people listed on these reports are aged 7, 9, 14, 19, 21, 21, 24, 46, 44.

So I ask the Health Minister now, why has the TGA not acted with abundance of caution to alert the public that they were investigating these deaths, including the cardiac arrest of a seven-year-old and a nine-year-old?

Why do these reports not appear on the TGA's disclosure log?

Does it have anything to do with the TGA's own response to the GP that they, and I quote, contain sensitive personal information about deceased persons and that the disclosure of the documents could undermine public confidence and reduce the willingness of the public to report Adverse Events to TGA?

Why has the TGA not responded to doctors who have raised these issues with you six months ago, including drawing your attention to those case reports?

This information is extremely alarming and demands an immediate response from the TGA.



#   #   #


Therapeutic Goods Authority https://www.tga.gov.au/

Russell Broadbent MP https://russellbroadbent.com.au/

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And another:


January 20, 2023


WOMAN CRYING, FILMING HERSELF AS SHE IS WALKING: They gave him his first vaccine and he was just a couple months old and he almost died, OK? He went into a fever of 106 and he almost fu*king died. So since then I never allowed him to go get a vaccine. He wanted to play sports so bad, see my mother snuck him, took him to go get the fu*king vaccine last year, OK? Right after he did that—Keep in mind he went to go get the vaccine so he can fu*king play sports in school because it's mandated that you be vaccinated, OK? So she went and took him to get it. Then he went for his sports physical the next month. They told him his heart rate was extremely too low, they don't understand why it was that low and he had to go see a heart specialist. He went to the heart specialist and I sat there, I looked at the doctor in the fu*king eye and I said all of this is from that fu*king shot, it's from that vaccine, I kept telling him not to get it and I didn't want him to get it and now that he got it his fu*king heart ain't working right. And the doctor say, Oh no no no, it's not that. And I said to my son, they're just trying to downplay that sh*t because they fu*king know and they don't want people to be scared, I said, and he understood that, OK? Whew. So the whole purpose of him getting the whole vaccine was to fu*king play sports and he can't even play sports because his heart is fu*ked up from the shots, OK? So tell me I'm a conspiracy theorist when I'm fu*king living it. Then, then this year— he think that, OK, so the specialist cleared him, his heart was still at a low rate and he couldn't tell me why, but he cleared him from sports. Now, imagine if he would have fu*king played. Anyway. So this this year he's decided he wants to play sports again. He went to the doctor just now to go and go and get his sports physical. Huh. Well, there's something wrong with his fu*king heart again, it's extremely low. So you cleared him, but you didn't even clear him, but he wasn't even OK. So for a whole year he's been sitting here with a heart problem. And they cleared him. Now they're saying oh, he has to go see a specialist because for his age it's beating way too slow and if he does try to play sports and exert himself he could have a fu*king heart attack! So you keep telling me all these people dropping dead for nothing and it is my son who's on jeopardy. Don't tell fu*king me this sh*t ain't real. Don't tell me it's just a conspiracy theory. The government is literally [inaudible] on us. And I don't even know what to do because I can't get that sh*t—



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Pediatric Cardiovascular ICU Nurse Tawny Buettner's Testimony

San Diego County Board of Supervisors Meeting September 13, 2022




TAWNY BUETTNER: My name is Tawny Buettner. I came before you guys a year ago. I'm a nurse, or least I was at Rady Children's* in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, until Nathan** and his misinformation pandemic caused me to lose my job.

I took care of those children who came in with myocarditis after the vaccine. And I talked to the doctors because I was a charge nurse, saying, why aren't we reporting these to VAERS***? Who is going to report these to VAERS? It was an unspoken thing that we were not allowed to talk about openly on the unit.

I've worked for 13 years in this community, taking care of some of the sickest patients. The day before I was taken away from my position I was actively giving compressions to a child, pushing [?], pushing calcium into his veins to keep him alive. And we did, and he went home. And yet, I was ridiculed by those who are supposed to be my colleagues and my friends.

I am the face of your misinformation campaign, Nathan. I am the one who lost my career in pediatric cardiovascular ICU care.

I took care of children who had covid. I never got covid at the hospital. I tested twice a week, I wore my PPE [personal protection equipment] because I loved my job and I loved this community.



# # #


* Rady Children's Hospital https://www.rchsd.org

**Nathan Fletcher, Chair of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors https://www.supervisornathanfletcher.com/ ]

*** VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System https://vaers.hhs.gov/about.html

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Another UK GP: "we need to stop these shots immediately"

Press Release 21.12.22 - Doctors For Patients UK





DR. DAVID CARTLAND: My name is Dr. David Cartland. As a GP and a father I'm astounded and angry this vaccine has been rolled out to younger and younger cohorts and has recently been authorized for use in the 6 month old baby to 5 year old child category. The adverse events data is unprecedented and stacking up week by week in systems that are likely underreported such as the VAER system and Yellow Card system. Medicine is all about safety and given the huge safety signals of the mRNA injections are giving off we need to stop these shots immediately pending urgent investigation for the sake of our next generation and children.



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I could go on endlessly, I have so many of these testimonies. And in addition, many from young adults. This is just madness.

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May 27, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

The folks are Lying Monsters. What a Tyranny. Not even showing Mercy to children.

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Dr. Paul Alexander: ‘Not One Healthy Child Has Of Died' In US Since Beginning Of Pandemic

Bannon's War Room


June 17, 2022


STEVE BANNON: How can we possibly have the FDA approving—and they seem like they're obsessed— to approve the vaccinations, the vaccines for the babies. Walk me through this. I don't understand how this could happen given all the information that's come out now, and I particularly don't understand the obsession, and it is an obsession they have, to get it into kids under five. Dr. Alexander.

DR. PAUL ALEXANDER: Hey Steve, once again, it's a real honor to be here. Look, let me get to the point. When we look at all of the data, we look at data out of Sweden, out of Germany, out of the UK, we look at data by Martin Makary Johns Hopkins, we look at all of the Nordic nations, we see that the risk of death in healthy children, young children, young infants even, is basically zero. In fact Sweden, Germany, and these places record no deaths in healthy children in this age group. Martin Makary's group Johns Hopkins showed us that, I want to be clear how I make this statement, in United States of America since the beginning of this pandemic, not one healthy child has gotten infected with covid and died.

[TRANSCRIBER'S NOTE: see <https://palexander.substack.com/p/makary-the-flimsy-evidence-behind>

which references this research]

I want to say it again so the public can hear it.

In the United States of America, during covid, from day one to today, that's almost two and a half years, not one healthy child has gotten infected with covid and passed away. Period.

There is no data that Fauci, Francis Collins, Rochelle Walensky, anyone in the Biden administration, or anyone even in the prior Trump administration, has shown us. There weren't any child. This is reckless, this is dangerous what the FDA and CDC has done.

They have no data, Steve. And what they have done is, they are relying on trials and studies that are very suboptimal and methodologically flawed. They are deliberately undersize, in terms of the sample size being small, and they deliberately shorten the duration of followup. So you, the reader, don't realize that they cannot detect safety signals because the duration of followup is so short, the safety effects can't emerge. So what they are doing is deceiving and misleading the public. And they are using crazy procedures like immunobridging. They are not looking at the patient important outcomes that you as a parent, you as grandparents, need to know.

Does this vaccine, let me be clear, does the Pfizer Moderna vaccine cut the risk of hospitalization or death or ICU? Patient important hard outcomes. There is no study that Pfizer Moderna has done, none, as of this moment, to show that these vaccines are effective in reducing hospitalizations or death. What they have done is they've run studies on antibodies, which means nothing to us because antibodies are not a proxy for immunity. So right now we are being misguided and misled with this flawed, and I actually say fraudulent, studies.

What the FDA has done here and the CDC is wrong. And I want to go on record Steve by saying, this is the hill that parents must battle on. This is the hill that parents must be prepared, must prepared to wage their largest battle. No child should be given these vaccines. Absolutely none. There's no basis. Your child is at zero risk, statistical zero risk, of severe illness or death from covid. You stand up and you say no.

# # #


More info about Dr Paul Alexander at


Dr. Alexander's Substack:


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This one has remained on YouTube apparently only because he talks about it indirectly.



Oct 6, 2022



DR. DAVE MARQUIS: Hey everybody, Dr. Dave Marquis here and I have a message that I wanted to share with you relative to spike and kids. And you know what I mean when I say that.

The concept of rolling out a procedure to be used broadly on kids after only being studied on a handful of mice, doesn't really add up in terms of risk to benefit ratios in my mind because we don't know anything as to how it's going to work in kids other than, we can look back over the last two years and see how its worked out for everybody else. And that hasn't been so great, matter of fact, it's been the opposite of great.

We're seeing some really horrific results, whether it be myocarditis, whether it be brain fog, whether it be Guillen Barré where the nervous system's getting attacked. In the female population menstrual disorders are up over 8,000 percent. How did that happen?

The list just goes on and on as to the things that people are dealing with secondary to what we have embraced collectively, maybe not embraced, maybe that's not the right term, but been subjected to and many people unwillingly received just so that they could keep their job or stay in school or whatever the reason was, some family pressuring.

No one should make a health care decision for themselves or their children in that frame of mind. We should never go into a decision process that can have lifelong negative impact under fear.

We need to make these choices knowingly and have all of the data out in front of us so that we can review that and analyze the actual risk to benefit. And we shouldn't be using mice that were studied for a couple of months at best and imply that that is going to be useful information extrapolated out to all of our kids broadly. That's criminal!

So I'm fired up about this because I don't want to be treating people that don't have to be sick. And people need to hear that. And I need your help. Because I'm one person, I'm one doctor. I see it on a daily basis, I hear about it through my patients, from their loved ones. And I'm seeing a tidal wave of illness on the horizon if we don't stand up collectively and make a change.

So I'm reaching out to you through this medium asking for your help, to please research these things. Don't allow media bias to guide you or to blind you. Do your own research so that you can understand what I understand.

And if you come to a different conclusion please let me know so that I can analyze that. But I've been living in these trenches now for over two years, I'm seeing this on a daily basis. The literature is only becoming more and more supportive of what I initially thought, and that's more than concerning.

So I hope you get the sense of the seriousness of what I'm trying to share with you. We don't have time to allow for our kids to be the test subjects. And it creates a lot of unknown things and some things known because we've had the opportunity to see over the last two years. I don't like either end of that scale and I don't think you would either if you actually looked at the data and saw the patients suffering.

So please take the time to research. I hope this puts a fire under you so that you take action on that. We have to make a difference, we need to be proactive and talk to our medical providers, we need to talk to our politicians locally, state-wide, nationally. We need to make our voices heard. And then band together so that our numbers grow and people will see that, hey, you know what, there is a whole population that has awakened to how wrong this is. I want to be in that camp and I want to support them.

We need you. Please join us. Have a great day.



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May 27, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

How Can these folks be described anything other than Heartless sinister monstrous bastards! Sorry Dr Fenton, how else can these folks be described when they know? If you know , They Know too.

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The FDA totally screwed the pooch on this issue. So did just about everyone else for that matter. We are on our own until the house gets cleared out.


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What Fenton & Co might find really eyebrow raising is the FDA released this study the *exact* same day The Daily Beagle published the article on why the mRNA shots harm children (May 22: https://thedailybeagle.substack.com/p/proving-the-mrna-shots-harm-children).

Why would the FDA do this? Well, the study paper they release is a form of major damage control; it only talks about myocarditis rates (with obviously low figures). You can sense how rushed it is, as the conclusion is contradictory and makes no sense; evidence of harms is somehow proof of safety.

In contrast, The Daily Beagle article is significantly more damning - it includes the fatality rates for myocarditis, contrasted against the SARS-CoV-2 fatality rate for children, with a backdrop of evidence that mRNA shots don't prevent SARS-CoV-2 infection taken from Pfizer's own legal disclaimers.

The Daily Beagle research does have one limitation, but it means the FDA's position is actually worse: the myocarditis fatality rate is just the rate of death within the first year of getting myocarditis. Meaning the fatality rate from myocarditis is most likely higher than what The Daily Beagle reports.

Naturally, if the FDA were going to pick out of the two options, they're going to pick the option to gaslight the public by announcing myocarditis exists but insisting the harms prove it is somehow safe.

It reminds me of this quote from the Simpsons:

Mapple employee: "Sir, it's not even turned on yet."

Homer: "But it's glowing!"

Mapple employee: "The light confirms that it's off."

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Having read med journals for over 30 years it was weird to see the absurd conclusions coming from the data. I guess they are counting on laziness in audience

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Unfortunately laziness in peer-review study reading is overwhelmingly prevalent.

Many studies I've read (especially 'agenda setting items'; pro-vaccine, pro-branded product, anti-dissent, etc) often contain glaring data fraud (such as the 'harms prove safety' flawed logic seen here).

Example: One paper got authorised to use deanonymised data on the condition it was deanonymised, and then attempted to use very questionable tactics (associating race to zip code, for example, or just yoinking the person's driver licence without permission) to re-identify the data in the very same paper, just so they could prove vaccine safety. Why the paper hasn't been pulled, I do not know.

It is evident to me not even the peer-reviewers will properly review an article, and the fact there are retroactive retractions (wasn't there a whole slew of 700+ papers that got pulled over systemic fraud in one journal?) reinforces that view.

I often find many in the vaccine debate do not read the papers either, but especially the pro-vaccine side, whom many I've refuted just by using their own sources and digging further into the dataset, as 9 times out of 10 there's a "fudge" (such as the summary not jiving with the data, or the dataset contradicting itself and that being omitted from the summary, etc).

One debater, upon being presented counter-evidence (a landslide 900+ peer-reviewed studies showing causation of harms) said "peer review is not magic". Ah, only suits when it works in their favour, I guess.

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By this data I intended to speak in general to Covid studies not this specifically

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How you have the patience to reason about a thing so unreasonable as democide/ iatrogenocide is beyond me. And it's beyond the killers as well. I hear a great wailing, for all the children whose parents are slowly coming to the realization they have failed in their job to protect their children from murder.

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"How you have the patience to reason about a thing so unreasonable as democide/ iatrogenocide is beyond me."

In the vernacular, Jacquelyn, we could be forgiven for categorizing this attribute as a "superpower."

Josef Stalin is widely quoted as saying “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”

This "patience to reason," as you so astutely describe it, is the only effective means by which powerful utilitarians can be influenced. It's a tough job, as the saying goes, but someone's gotta do it. Who better than an "alpha" statistician with a human heart and an honest-to God moral compass?

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Iatrogenocide, great word! Perfect description.

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Maybe now is a good time to recall how the paper on myocarditis in young boys post jab by Peter McCullough and Jessica Rose was pulled by a major science journal after a major pfsience journal put the pressure on them. Can't have the truth in print. Especially in the era of COVID.

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Why are children having Covid jabs - they’re not at risk of Covid!!!

Why is anyone being pressed, and even MANDATED, to have these worse than useless jabs?

These are UNNECESSARY medical interventions.

Why on earth has the medical ‘profession’ engaged in this gross exploitation of people around the world?

This is a medical ethics catastrophe of ginormous proportions.

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Re questioning Covid vaccination of children, please see below my email to Nigel Crawford, Chair of the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI), sent in April 2022. The email was also forwarded to the Federal Health Minister Mark Butler in November 2022.

No response received.

Nigel Crawford, why does ATAGI recommend the use of the paediatric Pfizer COVID-19 injection in all children aged 5 to 11 years in Australia?[1]

ATAGI advice notes "Most children with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic or experience a mild illness. Those who are symptomatic typically have a short illness with a median duration of 5 days..." ATAGI also notes that "...children aged 5-11 years...were the least likely of all age groups to require hospitalisation or ICU admission for COVID-19..." ATAGI also notes: "Deaths in children due to COVID-19 are rare. Data from the United Kingdom suggest that 2 per every 1 million children infected with the virus died of COVID-19."

ATAGI advice indicates most children have an effective natural immune response to SARS-CoV-2 and are at low risk of disease, i.e. COVID-19.

Q.1. What is the independent and objective scientific evidence underpinning ATAGI's recommendation that children aged 5 to 11 years have two injections of the TGA provisionally approved Pfizer COVID-19 COMIRNATY mRNA pharmaceutical product?[2]

Q.2. Does the paediatric Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA injection for children aged 5 to 11 years prevent infection and transmission of SARS-CoV-2?

Q.3. What are the long term risks of initiating COVID-19 novel mRNA injections in children, such as the Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA injection?

Q.4 What impact will this medical intervention have on children's natural immune response to SARS- CoV-2 going forward?

Q.5 Is it planned to give children regular COVID-19 injections in future, as appears to be being set up across the broader population, with the securing of 280 million doses of COVID-19 injections to support the COVID-19 injection roll-out[3] for Australia's population of 26 million, i.e. more than 10 doses for everyone in Australia?

Q.6 What is the scientific rationale for giving COVID-19 mRNA injections to individuals at low risk from COVID-19?

Q.7 Where is the independent and objective scientific evidence demonstrating the safety of novel mRNA injections for children?

Health care practitioners are administering the Pfizer COVID-19 mRNA injections to children:

Q.8. Have any health care practitioners questioned why ATAGI recommends these COVID-19 mRNA injections for children given children's low risk of COVID-19?

Young children are relying on their parents/carers to provide 'valid voluntary consent' to the COVID-19 mRNA injections on their behalf. Parents must be properly informed of the risks of 'the virus'/disease relevant to age and health status:

Q.9. Are health care practitioners being reminded of their ethical responsibility to obtain 'valid voluntary consent' before administration of the COVID-19 mRNA injections, as stipulated in the section on 'Valid consent' in The Australian Immunisation Handbook?[4] For example, valid consent "must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation" and "It can only be given after the potential risks of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained to the person".

Nigel Crawford, I request your early response to my questions.


Elizabeth Hart

Independent researcher investigating the gross over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy


Original email accessible via this link:

Why does ATAGI recommend COVID-19 mRNA injections for all children aged 5 to 11 years?


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Agree. Ironically infectious disease experts have become the authorities on this... but appear woefully inept at understanding immunity

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This is very distressing. Does the FDA have no qualified, ethical, statisticians? The underlying premise of the FDA is to ensure safety and efficacy of products/drugs provided/dispensed to the American public—it is NOT to serve the interests of whatever administration is in place. A thorough bi-partisan investigation must be made.

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Apparently not. 4th rail wannabes checking boxes and getting meeting pay. Bureaucracy exemplified.

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They lie to our faces.

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People were lied to about the vaccines…

Please see below my email to Australian Health Department Secretary Brendan Murphy, sent on 24 February 2021:

Professor Murphy

You recently assured Australians that the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine products have "gone through the normal, full range of regulatory approvals for our vaccines...we have been able to do the full, safe, regulatory approval...we have not cut any corners" and "...we decided that to get the confidence of the people in Australia, because we had no community transmission, we were not going to do anything other than our full normal registration process", during an interview with Leigh Sales on the ABC's 7.30 program on 3 February 2021. (See copy of transcript attached.)

Your statements were in response to Leigh Sales' questions "...what is your message to any Australian who might be legitimately worried thinking, "This has happened all pretty quickly. I'm sort of worried. Is it going to be safe to have a vaccine? What is your official advice on that?" (My emphasis.)

Professor Murphy, I suggest your 'official advice' on this matter is misleading because in fact both the Pfizer and and AstraZeneca vaccine products have only been given 'provisional' approval by the TGA. This has not been made clear to the Australian public.

The TGA provisional approval statement for both the Pfizer COMIRNATY[1] and COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca[2] vaccine products states: (See copies attached.)

"Provisional approval of this vaccine is valid for two years and means it can now be legally supplied in Australia. The approval is subject to certain strict conditions, such as the requirement for (Pfizer/AstraZeneca) to continue providing information to the TGA on longer term efficacy and safety from ongoing clinical trials and post market assessment. (Pfizer COMIRNATY/COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca) has been shown to prevent COVID- 19 however it is not yet known whether it prevents transmission or asymptomatic disease." (My emphasis.)

Professor Murphy, I again suggest you have misled Australians about the TGA approval for the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine products.

These vaccine products have not been fully approved, and it is not yet known whether they prevent transmission or asymptomatic disease.

The Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccine products are provisionally approved for two years, and the TGA will be relying on manufacturer supplied data to judge the longer term efficacy and safety from ongoing clinical trials and post-market assessment. 'Post-market assessment' indicates people being vaccinated in the community are now part of the clinical trials assessing these vaccine products - are people being informed they are part of a vaccine clinical trial? Are these people giving their consent to being involved in a vaccine clinical trial with these provisionally approved vaccine products?

It's on the record I have brought this matter to your attention Professor Murphy, as witnessed by other members of the COVID-19 Vaccines and Treatments for Australia - Science and Industry Technical Advisory Group copied on this email.

This email will be forwarded to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, Health Minister Greg Hunt and other parties. Sincerely

Elizabeth Hart

Independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy

See this link to original email: COVID-19 vaccines are NOT fully approved by the TGA:


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Yet another reason I am grateful to you, Professor Fenton, is the way that you've catalyzed my thinking on weaponized category error as foundational to statistical legerdemain.

Executive decisionmaking is utterly reliant on aggregated data extracted from accounting practice. Having encountered the suboptimal results of decisions based on categorical distortions of accounting data, over decades, I've wrestled with attempts to provide actionable illustrations of this paradigm, in order to improve the quality of reporting and the resulting management decisions.

The primary difficulty has been illustration of the way in which miscategorization at the level of basic recordkeeping constitutes inception of feedback loops that perpetuate distortion. Were it entirely mathematical, presentation would be straightforward, however challenging it may be to communicate the information to those with short attention spans.

I've been watching you ever more closely, because of your demonstrated ability to render data analysis meaningful across differentiated domains. I have few lasting disappointments regarding my educational path, but one of them is that I did not have or create an opportunity to become your student.

It's very kind of you and Professor Neil to share your knowledge so accessibly as you have here and in your other publications. The good that you do will live beyond the span of your earthly tenure.

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Stunning. This will not stop until there are consequences - as in death - for the perpetrators. Thie people involved in this are anit-Humankind and are psychopaths. They cannot be rehabilaiated. Period.

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Bravo!!! Spot on!

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Another criticism of this FDA "it's safe in kids!" retrospective study is that the prospective evidence which does exist (adult Israeli health care workers with 50%-plus increase in troponin levels from the jab) indicates the possibility of universal (100%) harm to high risk groups like teenage males aged 16-17. I write about this here:


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