When real misinformation kills

That's misinformation from the likes of The Times and YouTube consors

Within 60 seconds of uploading the above two-minute clip (from my testimony to the Corona Investigative Committee, Germany) YouTube removed it and gave me a strike and one-week suspension:

I look forward to YouTube explaining which claims in the video “contradict expert consensus from local health authorities or the World Health Organisation (WHO)”.

  • Was it The Times (March 2021) article that described the Astra Zeneca vaccine as “100% effective”, while also stating that “academics back bizarre claim that vaccines may kill”?

  • Was it my statement that the online version of the article named me as one of the academics making the “bizarre claims that vaccines may kill” and that I wasn’t even an author of the paper that made the claims (see here for the full story about that article), but that we had indeed found data which suggested there was evidence the vaccines may already have lead to deaths?

  • Was it my statement that one of my own family members suffered a serious adverse reaction to the Astra Zeneva vaccine in April 2021?

  • Was it the Daily Express (Dec 2021) article stating that the Astra Zeneca vaccine had “disappeared” or my additional statement that, in fact, the vaccine had effectively been withdrawn from GPs in the UK from June 2021?

  • Was it national newspaper articles stating that coroners had found that Lisa Shaw and Michelle Barlow died of covid vaccine complications?

In fact within 3 minutes of me appealing the removal of the video (by asking exactly these questions) I got this response:

Perhaps if the voices of us “conspiracy theorists” with our “bizarre claims” (at the start of 2021) that the vaccines could kill had not been censored, while claims that the vaccines were 100% effective were widely promoted, then the thousands of deaths and injuries from the vaccines would have been avoided. And people like Lisa Shaw, Michelle Barlow, Zion, and Stephen Wright - none of whom had any medical need to take his vaccine - would still be alive today.

Full testimony (presented 12 May 2023) is here (my testimony starts at 2:29:28): https://odysee.com/@Corona-Ausschuss:3/s155de:c

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