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Note, in order to reduce possible confusion, we have made a minor change to clarify our comments about pneumococcal pneumonia vaccines.

Other small changes have also been made since initial publication:

- removal of Jessica's Rose's chart on pneumonia deaths versus covid-19 deaths. This actually showed PIC (pneumonia, influenza, covid) deaths.

- added the case of the Romanian doctor who used antibiotics with 100% success rate.

- added sources on Prevotella bacterium

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You nailed it! This is what my husband had and I believe they made it worse w the ventilator and oh why? Heart wrenching, painful, breaking oh horrible.

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A Whodunnit investigation for curious minds willing to step outside conventional paradigms might be interested in digging around...

This publication describes a brand-new style of flu vaccine that came online for the 2019-2020 flu season. Mammalian cell-based instead of egg-based. Claims that it was studied for efficacy...but no mention of safety trials:


"A new cell-based seasonal influenza vaccine has been issued marketing approval by the European Commission and will be available for the 2019/2020 flu season.

Flucelvax® Tetra (Seqirus) is the first cell-based quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIVc) to be made available in Europe and is licensed for use in individuals aged nine years and older.

To date, there have been no randomised controlled trials comparing the efficacy of QIVc and standard egg-based quadrivalent vaccines (QIVe)"

“This real-world study, along with other emerging evidence, indicates that cell-based influenza vaccines may result in better influenza-related outcomes compared to standard egg-based vaccine options in some seasons"

"In the UK, the potential advantages of QIVc, which is cultured in mammalian cells rather than eggs"

“We are pleased to be bringing Flucelvax Tetra to the UK next season and have sufficient capacity at our cell-based manufacturing facility in the US to also ensure supply in September 2019"

- This article is interesting. It says that they added live-attenuated influenza vaccines to the schedule. It goes on to say that flu vaccines most definitely, positively, absolutely don't cause the flu, and by that definition won't shed...even after all of the science on vaccines admit that live-attenuated vaccines do shed. Curious:


"The 2019–2020 influenza vaccine recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) have remained mostly the same, with the exception of adding the LAIV to the immunization schedule."

- These articles tell us about what the WHO's process is and what they decided the 2019-2020 vaccine recommendations would be. I'll note that the first link speaks to concerns with preparing for H3N2 from the prior year, while the second link says they ended up not developing that specific strain of vaccines, after all, and the third link says they went ahead and included the H3N2 variant, after all. H3N2 was a "very severe" variant:




- Now, this is an interesting story from CNN that came out in November, 2019, an important time frame in the evolution of the CV story. Note the discussion about the need to develop a new type of all-purpose vaccine, a desire to test it widely, one that focused on a protein they link to a particular virus...like, say, a spike protein. Fauci is frequently quoted in it:


"But a universal flu shot would theoretically cover every strain of the flu using what’s known as an ice cream cone approach."

"Last spring, doctors at the NIH started testing universal flu shots on Sonn and other study participants to see how their bodies respond.

“I have a personal connection to the flu,” Sonn explained. “My grandfather was orphaned due to the flu epidemic in April 1919.”

The 1918-1919 Spanish flu pandemic infected a third of the world’s population and killed 50 million people.

Losing his parents at 6 years old left a mark on Sonn’s grandfather, and subsequently on Sonn himself.

“He really had great trust in science and medical research, so I know he would be proud I’m taking part in this,” Sonn said.

One of the most useful things about the universal flu shot is that if it works out as hoped, it will also protect against flu pandemics like the one that killed Sonn’s great-grandparents.

In a flu pandemic, a new strain of flu virus emerges. Since very few people have immunity to it, it can spread quickly and easily.

There have been four flu pandemics in the past century: in 1918-1919; in 1957-1958; in 1968; and in 2009.

The research got an extra push in September when President Donald Trump signed an executive order aimed at developing a better flu vaccine.

Fauci said it could take less time – but still many years – to develop a semi-universal flu shot, which would protect against not all flu viruses, but rather a group of flu viruses."

"The faster and more precise method is not to grow the virus at all and instead just create the virus’ protein, he said.

“We clone the gene that codes for the specific protein we want,” Fauci said. “I don’t even want to see the virus. I just need the sequence of that virus, the genetic map of that virus. And you could send that to me by email.”

That’s the technology that’s being used to create the vaccines being trialed on participants like Sonn right now.

“We feel like we’re pioneers, and our volunteers are pioneers,” Ledgerwood said."

How does the 2019 flu vaccine look like now? And how does that CNN piece from November, 2019 read in hindsight now?

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But what actually caused the pneumonia that they presented with in the first place?

Another hypothesis to explore further are the symptoms/deaths specifically in Bergamo Italy. Dr Speciani gave his testimony to the original Corona Investigative Committee led by Reiner Fuellmich. In his report he claimed that patients did not have an respiratory illness but had pulmonary blood clots which gave the same appearance as a respiratory infection…shortness of breath, coughing etc.

He claimed that the health authorities would not let them use the normal/cheap blood thinners, they were only allowed to use specific/expensive treatments. Also that the ventilators were actually killing the majority of the elderly due to infection.

He also spoke of a push in that region for the new quad flu vaccine that was promoted by the WHO and was only introduced late 2019. He believed this vaccine made people more susceptible to the ‘virus’ - but if we remove the virus (as there is no evidence of contagion) then have we now found ourselves a new culprit - this quad flu vaccine?

Link for Bergamo insights is attached below:


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"The pattern of spread of SARS-CoV-2 in spring 2020, and the geographical concentration of the SARS-CoV-2 mortality toll is not what one would expect from a spreading respiratory virus. It is highly localised in specific geographically distant regions and cities. It is a pin-point pandemic."

Jonathan Couey has some things to say about that.

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Fauci may have suggested that the 1918 pandemic deaths were due to bacterial pneumonia, but he is relying on flawed evidence. H. Influenzae was undoubtedly identified in those patients but (a) if you look hard enough you will find it in people without pneumonia and (b) back then it was a useful explanation given that you could not identify viruses. Read Mark Honigsbaum's account in his book "The Pandemic Century". It's compelling.

The clinical picture of the "pneumonia" seen in SARS-CoV-2 patients is not just that of infective pneumonia. Identical lung shadowing can occur in hyperimmune states and autoimmune diseases (look up Goodpasture's syndrome - in which you also get renal involvement identical to that seen in Covid-19). The speed of deterioration can be very high - much higher than one sees in bacterial pneumonia. And the Covid-19 syndrome is a hyperimmune state or cytokine storm. It is a real thing; I might add that the systemic inflammatory process involves not only lungs and kidney, but also heart and cerebral vessels; hence cardiac arrests and strokes. I beg readers to seek out Cron and Behrens' texbook on this, as you find not only that the symptoms of Covid-19 are identical, but also that other causes of cytokine storm include other coronaviruses - and that there are various predispositions including genetic ones that fit the Covid narrative. Back in 2020 there was a sudden rush of concern about an acute Covid illness in children, which on analysis was identical to the already well-known Kawasaki disease. As for obesity my hypothesis for it being a risk factor is that a pro-inflammatory hormone produced by fat cells, leptin, is in some way involved.

There remains a mental block among physicians that someone with "pneumonia" must not under any circumstances be treated with steroids. If the "pneumonia" is actually an immune reaction then steroids are mandatory. The early Covid deaths were due to a failure to administer them; later, when the storm-inducing spike protein mutated, the risk diminished. There also appears to be a mental block over Cron and Behrens' book, as I have yet to encounter anyone who admits to having read it. It should be compulsory reading for all physicians, epidemiologists, politicians, armchair theorists, and conductors of Inquiries.

Why can I be so certain? I have seen and treated a cytokine storm syndrome (way back in the 1990s). As a result I was able, when a drug trial at Northwick Park Hospital in the UK went catastrophically wrong (see https://www.nibsc.org/about_us/worldwide_impact/tgn1412.aspx for a summary) , to immediately identify what had happened.

A useful medical maxim is "Never postulate two causes when one will do".

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Mssrs NEIL, HOCKETT, ENGLER, AND FENTON - There's an old saying - a perfect crime requires a perfect cover up. Don't tell anyone, your standing at ground zero Mr. Mulder.

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Pretty sure I have made this comment before. In late 2019 in Santa Clara county everybody was getting sick. Our dentist even said wow it’s really strange everyone has been getting pneumonia. When a family member got it so bad in January 2020, the nurse said there’s something wrong with the lungs it doesn’t sound quite like pneumonia, and he got a Z pak antibiotics. That turned it around. I’m absolutely convinced that that December 2019 in January 2020 outbreak in our community was what they were calling “Covid“ … PS almost everybody survived. Two very elderly people passed away.

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The one thing that doesn't pass the "smell test" about this theory is the loss of, well, smell. This was ubiquitous with the "early strains" and I say that speaking from personal experience. Now, that MIGHT have been a viral distraction, but it does need explaining because it is not a characteristic of either "Flu" (including Common Cold coronas and influenza non-coronas) OR bacterial pneumonias.

Perhaps viral pneumonia?

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The clot thickens...

An observation. Might be useful. Or just a concidence.

One of my UK colleagues told aomething odd last year when he went for his 4th or 5th booster. He also received a flu jab and a ‘pneumonia jab’. He just took it. I asked him about the purpose of that jab, but he had not even asked. I got curious and its on the NHS site. Apparently the UK purchased millions of of doses against a specific strain of bacteria. Manufactured by .... pfizer. I was surprised and inteigued but gave it no more thought. Till now. It might be interesting to find out a bit more about this vaccine. Cant exactly remember but it was easy to find. Has the NHS always promoted anti pneumonia vaccines, or is this new? Dont want to confuse matters, but could be related.

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Big CHAPEAU to the four of you on what must have taken a lot of effort

As two of the authors know I am particularly interested in what influenza is - how it is diagnosed- and the alleged progression from influenza ( or sars cov 2 infection ) to pneumonia.

Your piece has raised a few things that I would like to air.

You say you are in favour of the hypothesis whereby you refer to a proportion of covid 19 deaths , those with associated respiratory symptoms being caused by bacterial pneumonia and that this was the primary infection. Would it not be more accurate to say simply that a proportion of deaths due to bacterial pneumonia were labelled as covid 19 on the basis of +ve pcr testing?

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I think the question to be asked is are the new variants being man made as they do not appear to be a natural development of the existing coronavirus. Those elderly, in Italy, in 2019, who took the new quad flu shots were decimated by covid. So were all the frail elderly in care homes across the world. We all know antibiotics were denied to those who developed pneumonia and that is shot so many died. Vents worked their magic in the kill as well.

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1. You quote the important paper https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18710327/en passant late in your analysis, while it should be quoted at the beginning to make a statement.

2. You missed two critical papers that should have been discussed in the Introduction: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/25714161/and https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/26172429/

3. You left out advice to hospitals that no antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs should be given to patients diagnosed with the Wuhan virus.

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“Given they are confirming it is pneumonia, we can see why they would treat it with oxygen (the right thing). But why move to intubation (the wrong thing)?”

Excellent observation and question. Why didn’t the oxygen help patients recover? Or at least prevent them from undergoing intubation?

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It is really encouraging to see intelligent people explaining what happened in understandable language. So much media is pure disinformation, distraction, spin. It's like a breath of fresh air to read a simple truth from some people who know how to explain it.

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There are many causes of death which are falsely labelled "Covid Death" of which bacterial pneumnoia is one. There is no such thing as a "Covid Death" outside propaganda systems.

For but one example in the NYC Spring 2020 "spike" a full third or so of the 15,000 excess deaths were at-home deaths. These deaths were mainly from cardiac arrest. People were told to stay at home to do their civic duty AND were terrorized into staying at home by the media reports.

This led to treatable cardiac events being turned into death sentences. I would suggest that is manslaughter- a criminal act.

Specific to bacterial pneumonia how many were acquired IN the hospitals and/or nursing homes which is a distinct feature of both places in normal times and certainly was an even more likely outcome during the "Covid" hysteria given the level of fear and neglect we know occurred in these places.

From the CDC itself 7/16/21: “Of the 540,667 hospitalized coronavirus patients included in the study, 80,174 died during the observation period (March 2020 to March 2021).

A whopping 99.1% of the patients who died had at least one pre-existing condition, with just 740 having no prior condition on record.

Most patients who "died from COVID" had multiple pre-existing conditions, with just 2.6% suffering from only one condition, compared to 32.3% who had two to five preexisting conditions, 39.1% who had six to ten, and 25.1% who have more than ten pre-existing conditions.”

Translation: No one has "died from Covid" as “Covid” is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, “flu” and many other disease conditions.

Covid-19, the disease, is nothing more than a disease of ATTRIBUTION.

Covid-19, the media event, was the Trojan Horse constructed to usher in a complete transformation of our society.

Covid-19, the operation, was never an epidemiological event, it is a business model meant to increase the portfolios of the super-wealthy.

There is no such thing as “Covid 19” except as a criminal conspiracy.

And this doesn't even get into the fact that every single PCR and Antigen test result is out and out scientific fraud.

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