Good write up. Expected behaviour from the BBC. It leave me with a heavy feeling in my gut when I consider how many elected officials are wilfully complicit. The walkout was damning, every one of those people have friends and family at risk from the mRNA yet are prepared to sell their soul and later claim some excuse.

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There are two sciences in particular which are under attack from anti-science zealots touting 'consensus' in defence of their supposed 'settled science', who go to great pains to censor any conflicting data or science which avers from the chosen narrative: 'Covid science' and 'climate science'. The censorship and aggressive dismissal of those questioning the 'official narrative' is relentless and pervasive. Spiegelhalter and the 'Trusted News Initiative' BBC seem to have a deal going, where they employ him to misleadingly counter attacks on and promote the official narrative. The fact that they did not allow Bridgen on the show to defend these scurrilous and highly personal attacks upon his integrity - with scant regard for the genuine data he presents - speaks volumes about the BBC. Cancel your TV licence - now. Defund them.

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Cancelled my TV license and all MSM during the scare👍🇬🇧

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Since becoming recently aware of the role of Ofcom in censoring UK media, and their association with the World Economic Forum (WEF) I no longer listen to or watch any media “regulated” by them. There is a wealth of alternatives out there. More informative, more accurate an less sold out to vested financial and government interests than the propaganda otherwise on offer.

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I find it completely depressing and bewildering that this is all still going on. What has happened to the world? Why are the BBC doing this? I'm a mathematical idiot yet even I can tell when I am being lied to about the "safe and effective" jabs. Doesn't anybody realise that people like me can't explain what is wrong but instinctively know something *is* wrong? It means I no longer trust anything the BBC says - all their news reports and discussion programmes, all their presenters are now all just liars. I read Substack articles but most people don't so they listen to the BBC and are suspicious but have no way of finding out about any other points of view. I don't understand the world any more.

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Great comment, once you wake up and see 'The Matrix' sadly you can't unsee it, all you can do is adapt and learn how to survive in a completely hostile and corrupt world. Learn to mask and filter around the believers and find a handful of like minded people who are free of the mind virus.

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It's actually like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" - people I have known all my life appear the same but aren't. They are not the people I thought I knew. They are all slightly different. Scary and depressing.

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

Hopefully you will give Mr Spiegelhalter the chance to come back and correct any points he is not happy with?

Silence has its own truth.

It's a shame this was not the case with Andrew Bridgen and it appears our democracy has some issues at present that my MP does not want to dicuss.

What happened to "safe and effective" tm Efficient, at what?

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re: "What happened to "safe and effective" tm Efficient, at what?"

I hear it's been weasled into "safe and important"

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"Not tried or tested" tm (on humans) would have been an accurate description.

They don't seem to care for facts or perhaps it's just the ones that don't support the narative,

which it would seem leaves science in a tricky place.

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I wrote to my MP and to Andrew Bridgen today. I also asked how they feel about the proposed amendments to the IHR. Bated breath here...

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Now that my Twitter account 9 month suspension has been lifted, I can follow Andrew Bridgen, share his thoughts and even ask him questions.

Doubt he has the time to monitor his growing fan club comments though.

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I would like to follow Andrew Bridgen on Twitter and maybe comment on his posts but Twitter won't let me back on after suspending me over a year ago for stating simple facts. So much for Musk's general amnesty and supposed commitment to free speech.

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Mar 28, 2023·edited Mar 28, 2023

Same here. Suspended permanently for mentioning ivermectin and Marianna Spring (not in the same sentence)! Both obviously sore points as one needs to be kept under wraps and the other....well, now I come to think about it!

I will complain to the BBC about this programme.

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I don't think.it's so much musk without doubt he has his own plans for the platform business wise .but they still seems to be an element there within tweeter along side the trolls and bots that are causing an issue.

He did a tweet last night I think he has something in the pipelines to counter them .

If unable to get back why not try gab telegram minds rumble gettr odysee and here.

I'm on gab and telegram most of all plus I'm on here now substack. It seems to be a good platform from whst I've seen .

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Musk is a globalist.

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I'm on Gab but it's dead as a dodo quite frankly. I had hoped it would liven up.

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It takes a while to get going there but my area seems active. Been there since 2020 .try looking for clubs there in terms of intrest or creative gab posta that catch the eye .

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They told me I never had an account....huh?

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In the end, I tried to be clever and set up a new one. It worked for a few hours then spookily they knew it was me and shut that one down too! You can run but you can't hide, it appears! Big Brother is watching us. My only crime.....speaking my mind and the uncomfortable truth re. ivermectin and the BBC. Not agreeing with the bullies in the UK government is forbidden, just like in China.

" China is the pioneer of the social credit system, which assigns scores to citizens and businesses based on their behaviour and compliance with the government's rules. Those with low scores face restrictions and penalties, such as being banned from traveling, accessing public services, or getting loans. China has been using the COVID-19 pandemic to expand and refine its social credit system, using surveillance cameras, facial recognition, QR codes, and big data to track and reward or punish people's health status, travel history, and social distancing".


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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

Oh I don't know at the very least his staff or himself do check from time to time .

I mentioned about going on more independent media channels for interviews and livestreams etc maybe phone ins as well.do a bitiz within minutes he posted he was on mark styne so I believe he reads and his staff also inform him of who is posting what .

Most mps and councillors don't I've noticed that

Apart from that I've read this report it's a very well done write up good reporter

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Thank you for this. Andrew Bridgen will be remembered as a hero for liberty and for the people of the UK and the world.



Jan 13, 2023


ADAM ROWLAND* [lying in bed]: I'm a 48 year-old man. Multiple PEs in my lungs. Nonsustained VT in my heart. Severe vaccine-mediated thrombolitic vasculitis. Severe, widespread vascular neuropathy. I require carers now to wash me. I'm going to need carers to make food for me and dress me. Before your vaccine I had a successful career. I could row 5K on the rowing machine in under 19 minutes, I could do 20 K on a walk bike in under half an hour. I was fit as any man. And this is what your safe vaccine has done to me. And you are colluding together with the media, covering it up. You're absolutely disgusting what you've done to me and what you've done to all the others. And all the BBC what you're up to there's going to be another article coming out to discredit us next week because this is what you do you have people working for you to discredit us and shut us up.Don't think I don't know what you're up to. So bring your article out next week. Bring your interview out next week, and try and discredit us, because you're full of absolute sh*t, you evil bastards.



# # #


The speaker is not identified in this video clip, however, I recognize him as Adam Rowland, who gave an interview in December 2022 to Debi Evans at UK Column about the injury he suffered after his AstraZeneca jab. See:

"Vaccine Damage: Real People - Adam"

by Debi Evans, UK Column, Published December 1, 2022


Note: A transcript of an excerpt from this interview can be found at https://transcriberb.dreamwidth.org/35353.html

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

People who follow the narative will say that's one in a million and the product saved countless lives, I know this from conversations that I have had, belief is a very powerful tool and they really want to believe because the alternative is to frightening.

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I’ve had the same type of conversations with people.

They think that looking at absolute risk is a conspiracy theory!

My 12 year old son understood absolute risk without any problem whatsoever when I explained it to him, it’s not a difficult concept for a mind that is free from twisted propaganda to grasp.

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Thanks for this. It really has been like living in the Hans Christian Andersen story, "The King's New Clothes."

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I know, I hear the same from the jabbed-up people, like a mantra. The alternative, to consider that they have been jabbed with poison, and the covid deaths of 2020 were manipulated (many killed by neglect and malfeasance, remdesivir, etc, and many who died "with covid" not of covid), the numbers of deaths and injured from the shots beyond shocking, and the mainstream press and social media heavily, heavily censored, is frightening beyond what they can handle. A few do "get the memo," and right quick, that they've been lied to when they themselves are injured and they get the gaslighting. Here's a sad and horrifying example (one of many)


I see it this way: at some point, if your house is on fire, it's better to quit pretending it isn't happening, save your valuables and get some water on it while you still can.

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The best way to complain to the BBC is to stop paying the licence fee.

It’s very easy to cancel.

I’ve still got a TV, I just refuse to pay for psychological and emotional propaganda to be fed into society.

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Here's the bottom line...there shouldn't have been a vaccine in the first place!!!

It was known from the beginning that 'Covid' wasn't a serious problem for most people, so how did we end up with the insane plan to jab the entire population over and over again?!?!

Yes, it's very important to address the adverse events which have occurred after these jabs, but the elephant in the room continues to be ignored - and that is that no-one should have had these worse than useless vaccine products.

The UK is a major player in this catastrophe, with Neil Ferguson et al's Imperial College Report 9 setting the agenda, recommending to suppress the virus "until a vaccine becomes available". It wasn't disclosed in Report 9 that Neil Ferguson is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's foremost organisation promoting the vaccine industry.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's influence was exercised in Downing Street, with Boris Johnson speaking to Bill and Melinda Gates via video call on 19 May 2020, along with Kate Bingham, then Chair of the UK's Vaccine Taskforce. "They discussed the UK's contribution to helping countries around the world tackle coronavirus and the important work of the Gates Foundation in this area. Both parties expressed their hope that a viable vaccine will be found as soon as possible. They also shared their commitment to the vital work of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and looked forward to the upcoming UK-hosted Global Vaccine Summit on June 4th." (Quoted from Press release: PM call with Bill and Melinda Gates: 19 May 2020: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/pm-call-with-bill-and-melinda-gates-19-may-2020)

But why was there such a focus on a vaccine solution? Against a virus it was known from the beginning wasn't a serious threat to most people?

This is what must be tracked back now, how was the vaccine solution evaluated and approved? Where are the minutes of meetings?

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How could ethics committees approve Covid-19 vaccine trials including people not seriously at risk of the virus?

Now billions of people around the world not at serious risk of Covid-19 have been set up to have Covid injections potentially for life, with their own effective natural immune response being disrupted by these Covid injections.

This is seriously unethical! These are unnecessary medical interventions being pressed upon people, even under mandates, as has happened in Australia.

How on earth could an ethics committee approve vaccine trials that could lead to this outcome, did they not think this through?

See my email on this matter to Andrew Pollard, chief investigator on the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine trials, and also the chair of the UK Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, a huge conflict of interest…

Who initiated the plan to vaccinate the entire global population against SARS- CoV-2? 30 June 2021: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2021/06/who-initiated-the-plan-to-vaccinate-the-entire-global-population-against-sars-cov-2.pdf

My email to Andrew Pollard includes reference to my correspondence raised initially with the Berkshire Research Ethics Committee.

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It was known from the beginning the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine didn’t prevent infection nor transmission, this was evident from the monkey trial.

Knowing this, why did they proceed to human trials?

Why were these defective ‘leaky vaccines’ spread around the world?

See my email on this matter to Graham Brady, chair of the 1922 Committee: Were ‘leaky vaccines’ deliberately spread around the world? 10 January 2022: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2022/01/were-leaky-vaccines-deliberately-spread-round-the-world.pdf

I didn’t receive responses from Pollard or Brady…

Is this gross negligence, failing to engage with these important questions relevant to millions/billions of people being injected with ‘leaky’ Covid jabs, against a disease it was known from the beginning wasn’t a serious threat to most people?

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And it was known - for anyone interested - that the vaccines were likely to be seriously harmful, quite possibly fatal, for the frail elderly in care homes.


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And, the denial of early treatment that would have saved countless lives.

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The fake vaccine that is of course not actually any form of vaccine according to any genuine definition is the source of the COVID, and what the bioweapon fake vaccines do is extremely serious in very obvious ways in many people, but it is created to have a staggered effect so as to deceive, sterilizing some, giving others heart damage, damaging the immune systems of others, causing miscarriages in others, causing CNS damage in others, causing turbo cancers in others, causing strokes in others, causing organ damage in others.

Fauci said in a video recorded-conversation that COVID vaccines contain self-replicating nano-technology, I have a copy of that speech, it is not deep fake as some obviously heavily complicit doctors I have mentioned it to always ridiculously claim.

Pfizer have stated that one of the 'side-effects' of their mRNA COVID 'vaccine' is COVID pneumonia, whadya know! And Pfizer was also forced to publicly disclose that if a COVID-vaccinated person goes near an unvaccinated pregnant woman within at least two weeks and just breathes on her or touches her, she can lose her baby through miscarriage (that is likely as long as they tested for, the real figure is likely lifelong as the spike protein is produced forever in the 'vaccinated' and sheds on the breath or by touch, though evidently 'boosters' are still required for a little fine tuning here and there to get the right kill rate accentuated as and when needed).

Matt Hancock who murdered 30,000 old people in the UK by seeding unprotected old people's homes with old people infected with COVID like tossing a lit petrol-soaked rag in there with them asked his advisor, "When do we deploy the variant?", and Pfizer research scientist Jordon Walker was interviewed by an undercover Veritas reporter and said that Pfizer do 'directed evolution' (a fancy term for 'gain of function research' to actually produce new COVID variants), so one can add these facts together and adduce from them that Hancock and likely every other 'health' secretary complicit in this military agenda can just ring up and order a new COVID variant up as and when desired to create the desired amount of illness, death and fear in people to coerce them into committing suicide with further Jew jabs. The UK government operation at the time was of course called 'Project Fear'! What else would it have been called?

Those responsible are actually hostile foreign power military occupation government agents, Bolshevik mass killers who are actually imposing a Stalinist genocidal program, nothing else, and it is not for the benefit of the world, it is only to kill all other races and peoples. Jews designed the Sputnik, Pfizer and Moderna COVID jabs for instance, and many other Jews are involved all the way. The Jewish religion states quite clearly that a Jew cannot heal a Gentile in danger of death.

The Jews wishing to live in Israel have to pass a genetic test before they can be offered Israeli citizenship, if they do not possess a particular unique haplotype genomic sequence peculiar to all Jews alone, then they do not get Israeli citizenship, and COVID is a genetically selective weapon, Jews alone are not sterilized by it, one can forget all the fake news of Israel having it harder than everyone else and being the greatest victims in the world in terms of proportion, they are always very good at Hollywood antics.

On my Substack site I have videos showing Israelis faking their 'epidemic' in film studio settings with 'nurses' with Israeli characters on their medical overalls wheeling 'COVID patients' around on stretcher beds while unmasked camera crews ridiculously hover around in a supposed hospital, but this unedited footage of an intended propaganda film has been leaked, also showing a Jewish doctor vaccinating a Jewish man, but really just squirting the syringe over his shoulder. Rabbis can be seen dancing and chanting 'Corona! Corona! in frenzied orgiastic celebratory dancing, while other rabbis smilingly and smugly proclaim to their audiences that "the Corona is just for the Gentiles, it is not for the Jews". So COVID has to be a genetically selective and targetted bioweapon. Israel is considered to have perhaps the largest bioweapons research labs in the world (all paid for with stolen US tax dollars).

COVID is the 'vaccines', and the Israeli government is using that bioweapon now to disable the whole world, to mass sterilize and mass debilitate people to make them so weak as to be unable to resist any armed enforcement of the intended one world military dictatorship and coming NWO Noahide Laws, which state that all people practicing any non-Jewish religions are 'idolaters' and must be executed when one world government under Jewish law is imposed (The US government and UN have already officially signed up and agreed to this in advance).

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel has stated on video that NATO armed forces of nations controlled by Israel will be doing the executions. If one thinks that sounds unlikely, consider Iraq, which had a 5% cancer rate in 1990 pre-invasion, but even by 2005 already had a 200% cancer rate, alongside horrific birth defects from DU and dioxin-producing burn pits, and that rate is much worse now and still rising.

1% of all American service personnel who have been COVID vaccinated are now officially diagnosed by military medical authorities as having been made sterile for life by the vaccines, and WEF proponent UK PM Rishi Sunak says he wants UK citizens to have 4 COVID jabs a year for life, that will be 320 in an average 80 year lifespan (More mRNA jabs no doubt to create other diseases are being lined up now, ostensibly as 'cures' for those diseases in place of older style vaccinations, which themselves are a total fraud, see the Eustace Mullins book link in my other comment for detailed evidence), so guess what the sterility rate will become, and only one person in a married couple needs to be sterile to scupper things, so any actual sterility rate can be calculated as effectively double in its actual effects.

They surely surreptitiously injected people with COVID in the first place to get the ball rolling in many nations, and then took it from there. In places like African nations where very little COVID 'vaccination' took place, no epidemic of 'COVID' occurred, and that is checkable fact.

In places like the various states in India that succeeded in reducing the death rate of COVID by 97% by using ivermectin, the NWO bunch have now had the Indian factories that produce ivermectin all bought out by Merck so the Indian people cannot cheat their arranged deaths a second time.

Years ago, Kissinger stated that population reduction in Third World nations was a main US priority to conserve natural resources (Americans use 38 times more, or even much more per head more, according to different studies of such resources themselves than the inhabitants of these Third World nations do, and really, this is not a 'population reduction to save the world and conserve natural resources ' agenda, it is really a straightforward Marxist agenda to 'kill all others'.

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Here is a statement published by Karl Marx in his public journal in 1849; "The chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish in the revolutionary holocaust". There have been quibbles as to what might be a more exact translation of these words from the original language, but in all cases, these main words cannot be substituted for any others "the chief mission of all other races and peoples, large and small, is to perish", and these words are the mirror of what is written in the Zohar that all Gentiles in the world will be exterminated (with the added stated 'bonus' there of being sent to hell as well as a little cherry on top just to say 'thankyou for your service as slaves'), and Kissinger said that if governments of Third World nations would not go along with softer options to reduce their populations, then harder options would be inflicted in any case by arranged wars to reduce populations.

In Australia, by law, draconian legislation instructs for COVID 'vaccinations' to be given to people visiting hospital even without their knowledge or permission, like when they 'flush a cannula' for instance, they can whack anything at all into you, and when they come to flush a cannula, that everyone in A and E gets put in automatically, even if they have come in with a sprained ankle, a dog bite or whatever, 'to save time' in 'any potential emergency', the nurses strangely come in ages later after they have put a cannula in and then flush it out with some 'saline solution', and then leave you sitting for several hours more, when if they really need to flush the cannula out, they would do it in the case that you need to have a medicine injected through the cannula and then they would only flush it just before doing that, but they don't, they 'flush' it without any real necessity and then leave it to presumably get gummed up again with whatever, in which case it would only have to be 'flushed' again just before any medicine is given anyway.

To clarify by example, after I had been admitted to ICU and diagnosed with 50% blood oxygen, gravely ill, with COVID 19, COVID pneumonia and sepsis, but sitting wide awake, I asked not to be put on a ventilator (the hospital even where I was has an official 75% death rate on the ventilators), they then told me "we are just going to give you an injection of saline solution", which is usually given for POTS actually, but in this case, they just knocked me clean out with what they really gave me and shoved me straight onto an operating table where a tube was surgically inserted into my jugular vein, leaving me with a nice scar there today, and then I had another tube shoved down my windpipe to pump me up, but I had been fully conscious anyway on admission and would really have been perfectly fine in a hyperbaric chamber and recovered vastly sooner and in vastly better shape.

Hyperbaric chambers only cost 50% of what ventilators cost and hyperbaric chambers would enable a person to maintain their muscle tone and move around periodically to visit the bathroom and eat etc. (after coming out of the induced coma, I was like a Biafra victim, muscles so wasted away I could literally not even sit up until I went through a physio program, having to learn very gradually to even stand up again as legs and arms and even the organs inside your body just feel like lead pendulums swinging around with no muscle to move them, you do not get fed anything while on the ventilators, just water and knockout drugs, no antibiotics in my case either, just tocilizumab which medical directions clearly state should never ever be given to any patient with any infection or with sepsis, I had both these conditions very seriously, and tocilizumab is established in medical trials to massively injure lung tissue and massively reduce the immune system, obviously just what a COVID patient needs they think, all part of the arranged frenzied Talmudic death cult program.

I still had COVID pneumonia even a week after coming off the ventilator which they had never even treated me for during all the 4 weeks I was unconscious, they just knocked me out and just watched my lungs flood, though when I saw my medical records later on after leaving hospital 2 months later the records said that on admission I had in fact already been diagnosed at that stage with COVID, sepsis and and COVID pneumonia.

The ICU staff persistently lied to me, telling me I had not got pneumonia when I still had it, I was choking very badly for a whole week after coming out of the 4 weeks induced coma, and they would not give me any antibiotics when I asked them, but they eventually agreed I did have pneumonia with heavy masses of choking mucus being continually generated that could kill me they admitted instead of just turning their backs on me and walking away as they had been doing up to that point, but then cruelly just offered me remsdesivir, which I already knew would be a more or less certain death sentence, and I naturally refused that. The ICU consultant doctors responsible were on a staggering £3,000 a day (the same fees mercenaries get in Ukraine). On checking my medical records, I see they then gave me septrin instead of remdesivir, though septrin itself is also horrifically toxic.

I was still coughing up phlegm and blood when I left ICU, the septrin never worked fully, but when I got COVID again weeks later due to a severely weakened immune system caused by tocilizumab, which is stated to even be able to cause TB, presumably by activating traces in individuals previously exposed to it who had never exhibited any symptoms of actual disease up till that point), I knew they would literally kill me in hospital and chose this time to treat myself at home with 5 days of ivermectin, zinc, black seed oil, vit D3/K2, vit C, vit B complex, quercetin, green tea, NAC, serrapeptase and bromelain, which worked perfectly, no ventilator or tocilizumab or septrin were necessary, and not only the COVID went away, the bleeding from the first infection then stopped.

The Israeli Gilead company drug remdesivir which I naturally refused has a medically established 26.9% death rate in patients who have been ventilated and are thus extremely weakened as I was, as even then off the ventilator I was still almost on the point of death with very serious risk of heart attack or stroke, and remdesivir has an officially stated zero cure rate even in The Lancet and in WHO documentation, so its real purpose is quite clear.

The real COVID cure would be for the hostile foreign power (Israeli) military occupation government that is deliberately poisoning the population of the UK with this weapon of war to be ousted.

But in the meantime, if patients were instead given hyperbaric chambers, ivermectin and zinc, vits D3, C , B, K2 etc, and they would be out of hospital in a week practically guaranteed, maybe a couple a weeks tops, not the two months or more many are staying in ICU for on ventilators, and some suffer such massive loss of muscle and degradation of any remaining muscle tone that they never ever walk again even if they survive and remain bed-ridden wearing a nappy for the rest of their lives with a urinary catheter in, a hellish way to go.

On more than one occasion even after I came round in the ICU after 4 weeks in an induced coma, they told me 'we are just going you a saline solution' and when they gave me it there was a very heavy strench of solvents like anaesthetic, and I would literally wake up somewhere else in another room, one time after a feeding tube had been inserted up my nose down into my stomach, I had obviously been made unconscious in order to place it there (I was horrified on coming round by the sudden appearance of this strange, nightmarish thing that further restricted what very little breathing capacity I still had and immediately ripped it out when I came round and found this thing in me, so they then had to put another one in me when I was fully conscious). So they do not always tell you what it really is that they are actually giving you, and that is in the UK. But then they wouldn't tell you what they are really doing of course, as those in power are playing quite a different game to what most might suppose, and giving the NHS things to really treat people with is most certainly not part of it, after all, what would be the point of the bioweapon if they were then to actually cure people of the effects from it? That would spoil all their fun, and they really do enjoy what they are doing. One senior female nurse of black African origin once replied thus to me in a very hostile manner after I had politely and pleasantly asked her in hospital what I was being given; "You are not allowed to know what we are giving you".

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Good stuff, as per.

Something that has been bugging me (amongst a host of others, like why inject toxins into the elderly and infirm who already have weak immune systems) is this

"The (Doshi) paper showed that the vaccinated participants reported more SAE’s than the placebo participants .."

Now, call e stupid if you want, but.. why were there ANY SAE's in the placebo group?

Surely the intent was to measure SAE's amongst the injected group in the Phase 3 clinical trials. Is the claim that the population at large (represented by the placebo group) suffer SAE's?

or perhaps, the placebo group was NOY injected with saline solution? was it, perhaps, injected with everything but the mRNA instructions, but received a PEG coated lipid nano particle, along with the saline solution?

Anyway, bottom line? "I am from the government and I am here to kill you" applies - amplified by quacks and blow-hards!

Keep going chaps - the dam of ignorance is breaking from all the bouncing truth bombs!

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Thanks. The argument would be that there is always a background rate of medical events, serious or otherwise, which is one of the reasons we do placebo controlled trials in the first place.

Of course, terminating the placebo group so early has severely limited the usefulness of the trial, and it is within this context - that there is no proper controlled safety monitoring data available - that criticism of post-rollout data (eg VAERS) on the basis that it is uncontrolled is particularly egregious.

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Yes, obviously. As I said, the placebo supposedly represents the population at large - in the case of the Phase 3 clinical trials for Pfizer that would be the healthy population under 65.

From page 11 here:


21,900 aside injected by placebo with 5,241 AE's for injected and 1,311 for placebo AE's (much lower for severe and serious)

the implication is that around 6% of the HEALTHY population suffers AE's in the (shortened to 4 months from 6 months) clinical trail.

That is 18% per annum. I don't think that can possibly be accurate.

That is what I do not believe.

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That is some line up of authors on this one! Thanks for your tireless work as watchers of the watchmen, and debunkers of the debunkers.

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In Australia we have three outstanding Federal MPs who don’t bow to the lies.. Senators Alec Antic, Malcolm Roberts and Gerrad Rennick... a very few state ones...it is just amazing how good it is to have honest courageous politicians to show what the rest are really like.. but then

it’s always been that way.. Wilberforce fought for 40 years against stubborn opposition in favour of slavery..

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Yes. I regularlty listen to the speeches of these gentlemen in the Australian Parliament. They all display courage and perseverance despite the frequent interjections that they are "conspiracy theorists" and the refusal of the MSM to report the issues they raise. The bureaucrats never answer their questions but just say they are "not aware" of the relevant data needed to give an honest answer.

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As you say, when someone tries very hard to silence you, you must be saying something "they" don't want you to hear.

It was an appalling commentary on our democracy. Mind you I have not received a single response from any of the 24 MPs (called MLAs here) I wrote to last week asking for their views on the IHR. The same people could not answer the question "Why are we vaccinating children?" Nor could the DoH, the CMO, the CE of the PHA.

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Norman Fenton

Fantastic article!

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Mar 28, 2023Liked by Jonathan Engler, Norman Fenton

Incidentally I believe that a whistle blower claimed that many SAEs, particularly those affecting the nervous system, were dismissed as psychosomatic, and not included in the stats. Though I realise that even on the official figures the evidence is damning, and invoking whistle blowers would muddy the waters.

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Thanks for continuing to fight for the truth. Your conclusions tie in with our own investigations, where we came at it from a slightly different angle.



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Apr 3, 2023·edited Apr 3, 2023Liked by Martin Neil

Don't shoot the messenger.

Rasmussen Report, the most respected source for 'accurate' public opinion poll data, insist their polls have a low margin of error with a "95% level of confidence". Pretty accurate in other words. If that is true, the numbers of vaccine damages and deaths would be staggering.

Let's put this into a very simple, quick layman overview.

U.S. population: 334,233,854

Adults are around 78% = 260,520,000

69% are supposedly vaccinated = 230,283,056

So, roughly if we adjust this only to the vaccinated:

1. Americans worried about major side-effects = 148,496,400 (57%)

2. Americans very concerned about Frankenshot dangers = 46,033,884 (31%)

3. Vaccinated Americans who experienced side effects from the vaccines = 94,416,053

4. Americans that HAD severe side effects from the vaccine(s) = 16,119,814 (7%)


Then let's look at the death rate:

5. If 10% of vaccinated Americans have died from the Frankenshot, like Rasmussen poll data claims, that's a whopping 23,028,300 deaths from the vaccines.

No adjustment has been made in these numbers with the 5% error rate Rasmussen claim to have.

These mind-altering figures would explain the sudden $7 BILLION increase in 'estate and gift' taxes paid to the Treasury Department in February 2023. Not even once in the nation's history has the Treasury been paid that much in a single month although the tax rate was lowered during the Trump administration.... Just saying.



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