Good write up. Expected behaviour from the BBC. It leave me with a heavy feeling in my gut when I consider how many elected officials are wilfully complicit. The walkout was damning, every one of those people have friends and family at risk from the mRNA yet are prepared to sell their soul and later claim some excuse.

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There are two sciences in particular which are under attack from anti-science zealots touting 'consensus' in defence of their supposed 'settled science', who go to great pains to censor any conflicting data or science which avers from the chosen narrative: 'Covid science' and 'climate science'. The censorship and aggressive dismissal of those questioning the 'official narrative' is relentless and pervasive. Spiegelhalter and the 'Trusted News Initiative' BBC seem to have a deal going, where they employ him to misleadingly counter attacks on and promote the official narrative. The fact that they did not allow Bridgen on the show to defend these scurrilous and highly personal attacks upon his integrity - with scant regard for the genuine data he presents - speaks volumes about the BBC. Cancel your TV licence - now. Defund them.

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I find it completely depressing and bewildering that this is all still going on. What has happened to the world? Why are the BBC doing this? I'm a mathematical idiot yet even I can tell when I am being lied to about the "safe and effective" jabs. Doesn't anybody realise that people like me can't explain what is wrong but instinctively know something *is* wrong? It means I no longer trust anything the BBC says - all their news reports and discussion programmes, all their presenters are now all just liars. I read Substack articles but most people don't so they listen to the BBC and are suspicious but have no way of finding out about any other points of view. I don't understand the world any more.

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Hopefully you will give Mr Spiegelhalter the chance to come back and correct any points he is not happy with?

Silence has its own truth.

It's a shame this was not the case with Andrew Bridgen and it appears our democracy has some issues at present that my MP does not want to dicuss.

What happened to "safe and effective" tm Efficient, at what?

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Now that my Twitter account 9 month suspension has been lifted, I can follow Andrew Bridgen, share his thoughts and even ask him questions.

Doubt he has the time to monitor his growing fan club comments though.

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Thank you for this. Andrew Bridgen will be remembered as a hero for liberty and for the people of the UK and the world.



Jan 13, 2023


ADAM ROWLAND* [lying in bed]: I'm a 48 year-old man. Multiple PEs in my lungs. Nonsustained VT in my heart. Severe vaccine-mediated thrombolitic vasculitis. Severe, widespread vascular neuropathy. I require carers now to wash me. I'm going to need carers to make food for me and dress me. Before your vaccine I had a successful career. I could row 5K on the rowing machine in under 19 minutes, I could do 20 K on a walk bike in under half an hour. I was fit as any man. And this is what your safe vaccine has done to me. And you are colluding together with the media, covering it up. You're absolutely disgusting what you've done to me and what you've done to all the others. And all the BBC what you're up to there's going to be another article coming out to discredit us next week because this is what you do you have people working for you to discredit us and shut us up.Don't think I don't know what you're up to. So bring your article out next week. Bring your interview out next week, and try and discredit us, because you're full of absolute sh*t, you evil bastards.



# # #


The speaker is not identified in this video clip, however, I recognize him as Adam Rowland, who gave an interview in December 2022 to Debi Evans at UK Column about the injury he suffered after his AstraZeneca jab. See:

"Vaccine Damage: Real People - Adam"

by Debi Evans, UK Column, Published December 1, 2022


Note: A transcript of an excerpt from this interview can be found at https://transcriberb.dreamwidth.org/35353.html

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The best way to complain to the BBC is to stop paying the licence fee.

It’s very easy to cancel.

I’ve still got a TV, I just refuse to pay for psychological and emotional propaganda to be fed into society.

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Here's the bottom line...there shouldn't have been a vaccine in the first place!!!

It was known from the beginning that 'Covid' wasn't a serious problem for most people, so how did we end up with the insane plan to jab the entire population over and over again?!?!

Yes, it's very important to address the adverse events which have occurred after these jabs, but the elephant in the room continues to be ignored - and that is that no-one should have had these worse than useless vaccine products.

The UK is a major player in this catastrophe, with Neil Ferguson et al's Imperial College Report 9 setting the agenda, recommending to suppress the virus "until a vaccine becomes available". It wasn't disclosed in Report 9 that Neil Ferguson is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world's foremost organisation promoting the vaccine industry.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's influence was exercised in Downing Street, with Boris Johnson speaking to Bill and Melinda Gates via video call on 19 May 2020, along with Kate Bingham, then Chair of the UK's Vaccine Taskforce. "They discussed the UK's contribution to helping countries around the world tackle coronavirus and the important work of the Gates Foundation in this area. Both parties expressed their hope that a viable vaccine will be found as soon as possible. They also shared their commitment to the vital work of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and looked forward to the upcoming UK-hosted Global Vaccine Summit on June 4th." (Quoted from Press release: PM call with Bill and Melinda Gates: 19 May 2020: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/pm-call-with-bill-and-melinda-gates-19-may-2020)

But why was there such a focus on a vaccine solution? Against a virus it was known from the beginning wasn't a serious threat to most people?

This is what must be tracked back now, how was the vaccine solution evaluated and approved? Where are the minutes of meetings?

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Good stuff, as per.

Something that has been bugging me (amongst a host of others, like why inject toxins into the elderly and infirm who already have weak immune systems) is this

"The (Doshi) paper showed that the vaccinated participants reported more SAE’s than the placebo participants .."

Now, call e stupid if you want, but.. why were there ANY SAE's in the placebo group?

Surely the intent was to measure SAE's amongst the injected group in the Phase 3 clinical trials. Is the claim that the population at large (represented by the placebo group) suffer SAE's?

or perhaps, the placebo group was NOY injected with saline solution? was it, perhaps, injected with everything but the mRNA instructions, but received a PEG coated lipid nano particle, along with the saline solution?

Anyway, bottom line? "I am from the government and I am here to kill you" applies - amplified by quacks and blow-hards!

Keep going chaps - the dam of ignorance is breaking from all the bouncing truth bombs!

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Unbelievable. Yet another flagrant breach of its own charter and abuse of its position by the BBC. The complete absence of impartiality never ceases to amaze. Let's be frank, not only do they not care about impartiality, they can't even be bothered to give a *veneer* of impartiality. These odious subversives are so arrogant and blasé that it just doesn't bother them.

Interestingly, this is not the behaviour of people who fear they'll be punished for so openly breaching their own 'rules'.

If you were in any doubt that the BBC is full of bootlicking regime lackeys, then this clears things up for you.

Excellent refutation from our esteemed hosts and guests.

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That is some line up of authors on this one! Thanks for your tireless work as watchers of the watchmen, and debunkers of the debunkers.

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In Australia we have three outstanding Federal MPs who don’t bow to the lies.. Senators Alec Antic, Malcolm Roberts and Gerrad Rennick... a very few state ones...it is just amazing how good it is to have honest courageous politicians to show what the rest are really like.. but then

it’s always been that way.. Wilberforce fought for 40 years against stubborn opposition in favour of slavery..

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As you say, when someone tries very hard to silence you, you must be saying something "they" don't want you to hear.

It was an appalling commentary on our democracy. Mind you I have not received a single response from any of the 24 MPs (called MLAs here) I wrote to last week asking for their views on the IHR. The same people could not answer the question "Why are we vaccinating children?" Nor could the DoH, the CMO, the CE of the PHA.

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Fantastic article!

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Incidentally I believe that a whistle blower claimed that many SAEs, particularly those affecting the nervous system, were dismissed as psychosomatic, and not included in the stats. Though I realise that even on the official figures the evidence is damning, and invoking whistle blowers would muddy the waters.

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Thanks for continuing to fight for the truth. Your conclusions tie in with our own investigations, where we came at it from a slightly different angle.



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