Your demonstration of evidence for cycle threshold abuse will be useful for me, as I had planned to re-cover the PCR Ct issue to help further demonstrate why the care home deaths were indeed murders - not simply sped up C19 deaths - by giving readers a crash course on the follies of PCR.

It is, as you say, a 'done' and stale subject within the lockdown critical crowd, so I had been putting off putting out such an article until I could devise some means to also make it particularly useful to readers, so an early coverage by WATN would be good.

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The first isolation and full characterization of the Wuhan Covid 19 outside of China was done in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia in January 2020. It was isolated, examined by Transmission Electron Microscopy and confirmed to a Coronavirus by PCR, then full Sequencing, then successful Culture and Export.


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I read this before your through article and they have cross posted above. Brilliant work both articles. https://lawhealthandtech.substack.com/p/covid-19-theories

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Time to also look into Kary Mullis's death, Aug 2019.

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When I read that “philanthropists” Soros and Gates in a “humanitarian” effort purchase Mologic a testing kit manufacturer it tells me all I need to know about “test kits.”

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Excellent article. If you want an outlet for discussion, happy invite you to RTE.

The part about water being the test for false positives is new to me and makes me rethink my whole understanding of the process. The false positive rate in water should absolutely not be the same as for a medium with genetic material. And media with genetic material might all be different from one another. So the sensitivity and specificity numbers are almost certainly more bogus than we thought, amd that was before finding out that a 1 in 3 gene match was considered a positive.

This is all just crazy.

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«At that point in September 2020 no credible voice was shouting to the world that “there is no novel & deadly coronavirus”»

I was shouting that in March 2020, precisely after taking a look at the math of the tests:

A capture:


The original source:


A translation:

«SARS-CoV2 is a virus

a) with asymptomatic positive patients (False positives up to 80%) 1

b) with symptomatic negative patients (False negatives up to 50%) 8 [Press source. I have been unable to find the primary reference, but the fact is quite widespread and the problem is emphasised even in official publications. 10]

c) that it does not cause the disease attributed to it (CoViD19) in the animals in which it is inoculated (again violating Koch's Postulates, as do points a and b) 2 9

d) with a much lower impact than others, which are common and known to all. 3 14

e) which is treated and prevented with medicines, disinfectants and measures whose side effects include symptoms, or worsening of symptoms, which are blamed on the virus itself. 4 5 6 12 13

f) which has allowed states to violate Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights without consequence. 7

g) which has led to an unprecedented increase in the power of states, while simultaneously, and unsurprisingly, reducing the freedom of citizens to extremes that make any dictatorship look timid and ridiculous. 11

From these statements I deduce the following:

In order of most to least likely:

Ó a) SARS-CoV2 exists, but does not cause CoViD19.

OR b) SARS-CoV2 exists, but SARS-CoV2 tests are not an effective tool to determine SARS-CoV2 infection and there is therefore no means to determine who to treat with drugs that cause leukopenia and potentially contribute to the development of CoViD19 itself.

Or c) SARS-CoV2 does not exist. The sequence attributed to it is endogenous to humans. CoViD19 is generated entirely by other factors.


d) social control measures are not justified by the actual severity of the situation. 15 16

e) certain states, such as Spain, are violating human rights, their leaders are acting criminally and should be arrested and condemned.

f) the forces of law and order currently serve a criminal cause and act as enemies of the citizen.

g) the applauders and whistleblowers support a criminal cause and act as enemies of freedom.

h) those who support quarantine are: ignorant, and can therefore be instructed; wicked, and must therefore be fought; idiots, and must therefore be removed.»

I have no expertise in biology or mathematics, I just tried to think by myself about the situation. I must say that I have lost faith in everyone's else intelligence thanks to all of this.

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The cross and non-specificity of the PCR primers is not the problem. The problem is the genomes. How did they know which of the 56 million short RNA fragments in the original patient sample formed part of a virus and how did they know what order they should be arranged in?

Coupled with how did they know that the very similar syndromes (collections of symptoms) were not pneumonia nor the 'flu' and were in fact a new disease. The symptoms were fever, dizziness, chest tightness, pain, weakness and a cough- presenting in patients in one of the most heavily polluted cities in the world.

Of course there was never a deadly nor novel virus. I may not have a 'credible' voice and you may pejoratively call me a conspiracy theorist but I have been saying this since late 2020 on Twitter from whence I was banned in April 2022 for saying bolding that viruses 'don't exist'. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/seeing-is-believing



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9% False? I think you left off a "0". Try 90% false:


"In Massachusetts, from 85 to 90 percent of people who tested positive in July with a cycle threshold of 40 would have been deemed negative if the threshold were 30 cycles"

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Also btw I was able to post on 15 September 2020 in BMJ RRs one of the world’s shortest letters (fat chance now):-


Operation Moonshot or How to Shut Down Society and the Economy Forever

Dear Editor

How many false positives will 10 million tests a day generate?

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So the plan is to throw Germany under the bus, on our way to war with China in order to provide cover for the global financial oligarchy, until they can get the new money system up and running?

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well understood since Dr Yeadon, Claire Craig, Reiner and others examined this issue, not to mention the Cormon Drosden revue, and the Portuguese court case establishing pcr as useless. it lates emerged that the UK gov were recording single gene positives as "weak positives"

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I believe I got ill with Covid 19 before I'd even heard of it. I am not saying it wasn't a scam. It was, but something made some people ill then everything else was a cover up and exaggeration plus hurting people with the official remedies! The plan to change our world continues. Covid was just a stage of that process.

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Drosten just doing as he was ordered to:

On the 04th February 2020 there was a teleconference held that was initiated by Jeremy Farrar (Wellcome trust) that discussed “desired outcomes”.

I requested information from the UK’s Government Office of Science, the department that Chief Science Officer Vallance is head of, on what these “desired outcomes” were.

The questions asked:

1 - About or on the 01st February 2020 the Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance was involved in an e-mail discussion with Jeremy Farrar and Marion Koopmans amongst others (full list of names available) with the subject “Teleconference”.

Please supply the e-mails in the e-mail chain and conversation with the subject line “Teleconference” or “Re:Teleconference".

2 - About or on the 01st February 2020 the Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance was involved in a teleconference call with Jeremy Farrar and Anthony Fauci amongst others (full list of names available).

Please supply the written minutes of this telephone call, any written notes that were taken during this telephone call and any audio recordings that were taken during this telephone call.

3 - About or on the 01st February 2020 the Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance was involved in an e-mail discussion and a teleconference call with Jeremy Farrar and Marion Koopmans amongst others (full list of names available). In one of these e-mails Jeremy Farrar stated:


• Introduction, focus and desired outcomes - JF

What were the “desired outcomes” he was referring to as discussed in the teleconference call?”


There answer was:

1 - the call did take place on the date stated

2 - there were no records taken of what was discussed

3 - They could not supply all the e-mails due to Section 41 of the Official Secrets Act due to personal information being included.

The quote:

“I confirm we do not hold the information you request in Question 2. No additional notes or minutes were recorded outside of the email correspondence provided in answer to Question 1. Nor do we hold any audio recordings of the conference call. “

This call was also admitted to in a FOI release of Fauci’s e-mails with no further information included. The file is 386 MB but can be downloaded here:

https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/20793561-leopold-nih-foia-anthony-fauci-emails - page 3200 area.

This is the call that initiated the use of PCR tests using a paper written by Drosten and that was accepted without challenge by Government’s worldwide and that then led on to restrictions on individuals and businesses based on that paper plus over £400 BILLION of Government spending in this country alone.

I have made the Public Accounts Committee aware of this call and they replied they were interested in it but whether they did anything further I don’t know.

Why was this call not thought important enough for notes to be taken?

Something to hide by Vallance?

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