We discuss whether evidence supports premeditated collusion or are result of the emergent behaviour inherent in complex social systems.
Just another part of the psyops to condition people to accept a cashless society
...."We no longer hold any of this information, current or previous"
Why we cannot ignore the Lancet claim that the vaccines saved 20 million livesWatch now (3 mins) | Because it is being used to shut down debate about vaccine injuries and deaths
67 that this tweet from Jan 2021 is still up and has not been classified as…
We have finished our report about the “1 in 3 people with Covid-19 have no symptoms” claim. The full version is here. Here is a 6-minute video…
This makes interesting reading for anybody who still believes the Government 'case' data and the claim that just because you don't have any COVID-19…
28 Feb 2021 DRAFT ONLY: This article is under review and will be updated. An updated analysis with new data from the Cambridge study is here One of the…
Following on from my analysis of the trend in Covid deaths (and using the same dataset), here is a plot (for each day since 8 April*) of the number of…
The UK now enters a new period of 'semi lockdown' with private gatherings restricted to groups of 6 people. This seems to be in response to an 'increase…